Never being offline anymore with an iWatch

Yesterday during dinner I talked with two girls about the iWatch. They said that they would definitely like to have the new iWatch. The amount of options you have! You can do almost everything with it. Sound amazing, right?

However, the fact that you always have it around your wrist it makes that you can never take distance from it. Your social world is always around your wrist. Currently, if I am procrastinating when I need to study I deliberately hide my phone or turn it off, because it distracts me too much. I know that I’d be able to turn-off the iWatch or just simply take it off my wrist, but at the other side: why would you take off your watch? With the iWatch you would never be really “alone” anymore, and since you always have it with you, other people also expect you to reply on their messages / posts.

I think it brings a lot of social responsibilities/ expectations with wearing an iWatch, since the smartwatch literally becomes a part of your body. A smartwatch like the iWatch makes people one with technology. Saying it in an extreme way, it would be a step towards the cyborg (a fictional or hypothetical person whose physical abilities are extended beyond normal human limitations by mechanical elements built into the body), since it does not only control your social activity, but also your health (the iWatch has several health functions). This wearable technology gets inside of your personal bubble and it can become part of your identity. People will always be connected and it’s not possible to be offline anymore.

Would you wear an iWatch? So would all the interesting benefits outweigh those above mentioned downsides? And what would the effect be of wearing an iWatch on productivity and efficiency on work/studying?





2 responses to “Never being offline anymore with an iWatch”

  1. 356867tk says :


    I don’t really see the difference between being ‘constantly’ online with your phone and/or with a smart watch. As you can easily lock your smart watch, just like you can with your phone. Although I get your point, and it’s true you can do a lot with it. But for me, at the moment, a smart watch doesn’t really ‘add’ something. Of course the health apps are cool, but not worth that amount of money yet. Also, I think there are way too many gimmicks.

    Found this review about the Apple Watch (this guy has more great reviews). I personally like the design and functionality of the Moto 360 more.

  2. 348308c says :

    I agree with your statement. With the iwatch people will be more online than they already are with their smart phone. Now it is already hard for a lot of people to hide their phone and not look at it for 30 minutes even when you have to study or work. Deliberately putting your smart phone away and hiding it from your side makes it a little bit easier to not check your smart phone constantly. The iwatch for me feels as if your smart phone is attached to your wrist, which makes it way harder to focus on anything but your new messages. It is stated that around 70% of all smart phone users feel upset when they cannot check their smart phone for more than 2 hours (Archer, 2013). The use of the iwatch will increase this feeling by getting used to the fact that your ‘smart phone’ is always in your direct reach. This new gadget, as is see it, will also have negative influences on workplaces. Because the iwatch is worn as a normal watch, employers cannot control their employees on private use of smart phones during work hours. On the other hand it is a fun gadget with high ease of use while travelling or doing groceries for example. Checking your messages or staying in contact with friends or family will be easier. This can have positive or negative effects. I think for sure this increases the addictive feeling a lot of people already develop with respect to their smart phone. People can experience a feeling of less privacy when staying online even more, but this is a choice when purchasing the iwatch. I will not use the iwatch because the use of the smart phone for me results in a huge distraction while studying or working but I think it can be a convenient gadget.

    Archer, D. 2013 Smartphone Addiction [online] Available at:

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