The influence of Internet on Future Jobs

These days, the boarders between online and offline are disappearing. Our communication goes trough applications as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Viber. Our personal information is stored on social media and visible for the entire world. Even our personal property is stored in online clouds. For some generations, only a fraction of this information can be recovered, our generation has been creating an online crumb trail for years, and upcoming generations will have their whole life in an online drawer.

Keeping in mind our personal information drawers, the risk of the wrong people accessing this information increases over time. A recent example is the iCloud hack, where intimate pictures of celebrities got stolen and leaked trough the Internet. For these celebrities it is of course an unpleasant happening, but their careers eventually will not suffer from it. But how will this work for people with important and responsible functions?

The effects of negative publicity on the stability of the positions of politicians and bankers have always been severe. If negative information about, let’s say Obama would reach the press, the story will be blown up instantly causing the president dealing with some serious reputation damage. If we accumulate multiple equivalent situations, this could cost Obama his presidency.

Besides the fact that this is an exaggeration, the president is protected very well from this kind of treats. However, how will this be for Obama the fourth? All his information will be accessible before his first dream of the white house. His trail of crumbs will be visualized before even he takes the oath and this way, ‘so help me god ‘ will get a new dimension.

Where I’m going with this metaphor is the following question: What should and can we do about this? Do we have to account for any future leaks of damaging information? Should we already start protecting ourselves?

This subject popped up in my mind this afternoon and I would love to hear how you think about it, and moreover, what the possible solutions would be?


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