BlackBerry Passport Revelation: Smart phones are being “re-invent”

The first shipment sold out within six hours. A single piece touted to $700 in the United States. This seems to be “iPhone style” but it recently occurred in the BlackBerry consumer market. Yes, it is BlackBerry.

The company logo is see at the Blackberry campus in Waterloo

Perhaps the former CEO of BlackBerry, Thorsten Heins, could never imagine that an American who is native of Jiangsu Province and was born in Hong Kong successfully brought the resurgence to BlackBerry only one year later. Though there is still a long way to go, the hope and possibility now are hold in BlackBerry itself.

Some may say the Passport brings this “luck” to BlackBerry, but you can never deny that the rapid changing cognitive judgments of the smartphone by the consumer market aspect in recent years is the driving force behind the BlackBerry.


Juniper, a market research firm, launched a report about smart phone in September this year. It said the global smart phone shipments would reach 1.2 billion units in 2014, an increase of 19 percent compared to 2013. The phone priced at 75-150 U.S. dollars, which is defined as “low-cost” smart phones, and the phones less than $ 75, defined as “super cheap”, are maintaining sustained growth in sales. Even in developed markets where smart phones are “unlimited” close to saturation, the high-end suppliers still get a big market by the consumer group who want to enjoy the “ultra-luxury” goods.

It is worth mentioning that the users who are carrying two or more smart phones are gradually increasing. And in the selection of the second phone, consumers pay more attention to personal definitions, matching index and cool extent, indirectly ignore function, price and brand, and other basic selection requirements. For example, the big screen design trend is more suitable for consumers to show themselves, to be distinctive from other people. That is why the purchase progress is becoming more emotional rather than rational. Like the BlackBerry Passport, which is easily to label users as emphasizing the security and highlighting the individual characteristics, its user base is consistent with the high demand of design and style but low returns of the functions. Meanwhile, consumers will look for brands and products that matches with their own social values to show their tastes. Many companies use this “weakness” of consumers when they are designing the products to obtain a reputation and distinct image. And that is totally different from the last smart phone generation, “emphasizing the functions”, like Panasonic and SHARP phones which are out of fashion for today.


Thorsten Heins announced to own RIM (Research In Motion) and officially changed its name to BlackBerry on BlackBerry 10 Experience Conference in early 2013. Thorsten Heins said they were “re-invent” the RIM company. Yes, as for smart phones, they are also being “re-invented.”

More about BlackBerry Passport:



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