Interactive billboards

As an enthousiast about marketing and advertising I follow the website Adweek, where creative and innovative ads are discussed. Ads which are linked to big sports events like the Super Bowl always get a lot of attention, as well as other big brands who have a big advertising budget. However, smaller brands also feature on this site and sometimes they can do things totally different. Earlier on this week I came across the video below, which is an ad of a Swedish company who had launched a new shampoo. The high-tech billboard which is placed in the subway and displays a woman’s head. When the train arrives the woman’s hair is blown aside, as if she was there in person. The ad was scheduled for only one day, but because of the amount of attention it gained, the advertising agency decided to display it for five more days.

After the succes of this ad, another interactive ad was placed in the same style. However, this ad has a different twist, as it ends with the girl’s hair being blown away, leaving only a chemo balded head. There were debates about the legitimacy of this ad, however it is still very interesting to think about this new way of making ads. Information about the environment is used to create an interaction as people get more engaged with the ad. If this technology would become more widespread and cheaper to implement, it could change the current business model of the billboard industry. Think about ads who get toggled when people walk by and therefore attract way more attention than the normal billboards. This would require a good information model, which is easy to implement and can react on changes in the environment. Will we see ads like these in the Netherlands as well in the near future?







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5 responses to “Interactive billboards”

  1. thegroupofdeath2014 says :

    Hey, thanks for a marketing topic!

    I find it also really interesting how marketing agencies are finding new ways in communicating with consumers. Especially in the age of new technologies and online interaction, people expect comapnies to come up with new means to personalize advertisements.

    I think that ads like this will grow strongly in the future as companies are gathering so much data about us through our social networks or our online activity. Therefore the personalized ad is here to stay and also as a marketing enthusiast, I am really curious to see in which direction the world of advertising goes 🙂


  2. 358406at says :

    Thanks for the post! This is a really nice example of companies doing marketing the right way, trying new things that catch the consumer’s eye. What is really impressive is what the technology allows us to do with very simple processes. Here for instance, a ‘simple’ detector and a pre-recorded video create a really nice effect that consumers seemed to like a lot. What a great way to build brand awareness and print a long-lasting image in the viewer’s mind.

    On a more critical note, what makes these ads mind-blowing is that they are indeed new and innovative. Yet, as soon as more companies start using them, consumers will stop noticing them (“Oh yeah, another one…”). It is probably, though, what makes the beauty of it: these ads give you a one-time experience that you can only replicate with another different, new, and innovative ad.

    I hope to see more examples like this in the future, and hopefully this time in Rotterdam!

    NB: If you like this kind of initiative ads or campaigns, here is a very nice one with a great plot twist

    • jeroenaelen says :

      Hi Alexandre, thanks for your comment. When these interactive and innovative ads become more common, competition among ads might become even more fierce. I think at the end it is for the good of our city 🙂

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