OneClass: share your notes or buy them

Almost all RSM bachelor students are familiar with it: exams are coming soon and students come to the conclusion that they are far behind schedule. A good option in that case is usually to go to and/or, in order to get summaries of the prescribed literature and/or notes of the lectures. Those websites sell study documents that are tailored to one specific subject of one specific study. A new website allows students to get access to even more summaries and notes. is not yet very famous in Europe, because it is now mainly active in the United States and Canada, but OneClass has plans for expanding. The website makes it possible to download study documents from other students all over the world who use the same literature or follow the same courses on other universities. A student who wants to download something from the website has to pay a fee for the document to OneClass. In October 2013 OneClass raised $1,6 million of investments in order to expand their business to new schools as well as to other levels of education. They are now serving university students, but high school and graduate students are the new target groups.

Some students like the idea of OneClass, because it gives students access to more materials to study for the exam. A disadvantage in my opinion is that it is hard to estimate beforehand how good lecture notes of a specific course of one university fit to the specific course of another university. Some students also don’t seem to be willing to share their summaries with other students, because they worked hard for it and don’t want to give other students who only just want to pass the exam, easily access to their hard work.

What do you think of the concept of OneClass?



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