Could Inspire be the new LinkedIn?

Everyone knows LinkedIn, nowadays with over 300 million users it has become the go-to platform for networking in the business world. This might change with the new startup called Conspire. I guess you haven’t heard about it yet, but maybe in the future you will use it.

Conspire has a new approach for how to meet people. It starts by connecting your email-account (and in the future also with other platforms like Twitter and Facebook). They will analyse the data to see how well you know other people. By analysing the data it will find the strongest path of connections between you and the person you want to meet. This chain of connections is not based on whom you know, but how well you know them. The relationship graph will be updated in the background so you can always see how the most reliable chain of connection between you and the person will evolve. It also lets you keep tabs on your connections, letting you explore your volume of email, average response times, most frequent contacts and a list of people you’re losing touch with.

At LinkedIn you will have a lot of connections you have never met or spoken to. This means you may not even know who some of the people are in your LinkedIn network. Conspire wants to understand who knows each other but also how strong those connections are.

Do you think Conspire will have a chance to become the new LinkedIn?




2 responses to “Could Inspire be the new LinkedIn?”

  1. dikkersd says :

    I think this is a very interesting post! I think the concept of how well you know a connection is a key lacking area of linkedin. The person you met once at a conference has the same link as your boss of 3 years.

    The ability to connect multiple social media platforms is interesting, but I think the bigger complication is multiple email addresses – most people have several. They may have one email for personal communication, one for professional communication, one student email, several old company emails, etc. Not only would Conspire have to look through each address, but it would have to recognize multiple addresses as one person. Your gmail, yahoo, work email, etc might all show up as different people in my network.

    Still, this is a very interesting way to link people, and I’m sure these points will be addressed as the application develops!

  2. annemiekevtz says :

    It seems very interesting and I am curious to see if this is actually going to be as successful as LinkedIn. However, I have some doubts about the feasibility of the network tool. As dikkersd said, most people have several email accounts. Besides, when I think of the possibility that a network uses my email accounts and analyses all my send and received emails, I immediately worry about my privacy. With LinkedIn, and all other network platforms, you decide what you want to share. Although Conspire states that it won’t store and alter data, I personally still do not like the idea in general because you give certain control about your life to a company. Moreover, is it desirable that you get a constant reminder of a little disagreement or argument via email, while you want to work on a healthy relationship with that other person? And gives it real vision of the relationship when someone is just one of those persons who sends loads of useless and unnecessary emails?
    The next step of Conspire is to add other platforms as voice, text messages and social networks like Facebook. Only two months ago, thousands of users of Facebook were willing to participate in a civil class action lawsuit against the network on violating privacy grounds. So why on earth would people give permission to a company to look in their email accounts and in the future on all accounts they own? Where does the analysis about your life end?

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