Did Technology made us all lazy and dependent?

How long was it since you last looked at your phone? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? Do you even recall the numbers of your friends you call on a daily basis? I cannot even remember the last time I was offline for a whole day. Nowadays our lives are so convenient due to all the technology we have everything seems to be so easy. Everyday you work with your favorite devices so much you probably cannot do without them. So honestly lets face it, did we all become lazy due to our devices?

Happy Birthday cards.

Earlier days when your best friends birthday was coming up, you went to the store to pick out this amazing birthday card. Later on you would go home and write the best birthday wishes to him. After sealing the card with a stamp you returned to the post office and posted the card to let it be delivered a couple of days later on his birthday. Now you just write a short happy birthday on your friend’s Facebook wall, maybe even attach a funny looking birthday picture that you found on Google. All this is now done in less then a minute where it used to cost you a couple of hours.

I know every place in the world.

GPS provides information to you from places all over the world. It is literally impossible to get lost. In the old days where you had a map to find your place this is no completely replaced with services like TomTom, Garmin and GoogleMaps. A lot of divorces probably never would have happened since the discussion whether or not woman read the map upside down is not more relevant. It wouldn’t surprise me if boy scouts train to use the GPS over determining your position on basis of the stars and the moon.

Can laziness ends human interactions?

Is it possible that in the future we don’t have any physical contact with people anymore. Do we rather Skype or Facebook them than to meet up for a drink? Are we doing everything just by the simplest of clicks or do we get up and live our lives just a little like the old days. Try spending your days without using laptops, tablets or smartphones, just go out get lost or buy your friend that birthday card and post it. There is so much more than Technology.




One response to “Did Technology made us all lazy and dependent?”

  1. vdmasek says :

    I liked your article! It is a mundane thought that technology is ‘invading’ our personal lives more often than not, however the sense of intimacy has diminished in the last few years.

    I know a quote from Einstein (so of course I Googled it to get it just right) saying:

    “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots”

    Although I’m constantly hoping we will not be that generation, predictions from robotics and artificial intelligence discuss concepts such as “the Singularity” where they portray a world of a single human conscience in which indeed, technology will surpass human interaction, and being part of the system will get a new meaning entirely.

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