4D Sound – Something you never heard before!

If you go to a club these days, the best you can get is a sound that is coming from four different corners; the audio waves received are usually just stereo. In this scenario the listening experience is limited to the tunes and two-dimensional tones created by the DJ/producer.

The 4D Sound system enables the DJ and producer to augment the audio-experience and bring it on the next level. The hardware of the system is constructed on a 16 square meter setting with 16 columns, which each have 3 convex shaped speaker, and 9 subwoofers which are inserted in the ground. With this sound system construction it is possible to play sounds not only two-dimensional but also spatial, such that it appears you are not listening to various speakers anymore, but a real-life sound space. Software enables DJ’s and producers to design and create a sound that has a size and shape, that can be conceived big or small, can fly around or rain down on you.

However, the 4D sound experience is not only limited to clubs, concerts or events. It also raises opportunities for the movie industry, more specifically for cinemas, which may utilize the new 4D sound system to present a novel and more realistic sound experience for their audience. The conventional Dolby Surround sound, which is currently used by cinemas, only generates the sound around the audience, but not above and below it.

Implementing the 4D sound would mean positioning speakers across the whole hall, such that the sound becomes a reality. People talking in the movie would sound like they directly sit next to you or if it is raining in the movie it would actually sound like it is raining in the cinema hall.

This kind of extraordinary sound experience may boost the movie industry and its revenues. A similar phenomenon occurred when the visual 3D technology was introduced in 2009, which raised the box office revenues by around $1 billion per year (MPAA, 2013).





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