A device that can detect cancer

Many people of a certain age visit their doctor year after year and undergo uncomfortable tests to screen for different types of cancer. Most of the time these tests are focused on the most common types of cancer, like prostate and breast cancer. But what about all the other types of cancer, for instance brain cancer or leukaemia? And there are even millions of young people who never get tested at all. Lots of people go to the doctor for tests when something goes wrong with their health, and then realize they might have cancer. This is all because diagnostic methods are very expensive and invasive.

This will change in the future, with a device called Miriam. This device can easily and affordably check for dozens of cancers using a single blood sample. The goal is to make this device so simple that even untrained people could use it. It is still in the early stages, but in the future it could make regular cancer screenings as simple as getting blood drawn.

The device works as follows: you prepare the blood sample with a pipette into the plate. If you put the plate into the device, the reaction begins. In an hour, the reaction is complete and the results are sent to a cloud server. Then the system is able to make a judgement.

With this device it must be possible to detect cancer early and not when it is too late. Do you think this device will make a change in the medical world and save more people from dying of cancer?





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