This ring will rule them all

Some years ago I wondered what new technologies would appear in the future. A smart watch didn’t cross my mind. Yesterday I’ve read about a ring that controls your devices via Bluetooth. Just make a simple gesture and it powers your TV and controls your mobile devices and even your smart watch.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, a Japanese company created a ring to control all devices by simply making movements with your finger. Just put the ring on your index finger, power it and make gestures. Do you want to take a photo or control your music player? Do you want to write a tweet? It’s all possible with this ring. It can tweet, check the weather, control your volume, controls the temperature in your living room. The possibilities are endless.

The battery lasts 1-3 days, depending on how much you are going to use this ring and it takes just 3 hours to charge. You can also set your own gestures for each device you are controlling with this ring.

But why should you control your smart watch that controls your smartphone with a smart ring. If connected to a Google Glass, why should you make a gesture to take a picture? Why would a mobile device have a touchscreen if you don’t need to touch it anymore while using this ring?

This ring connects to devices via Bluetooth and controls it using gestures, so it makes the touch with mobile devices irrelevant. Is this an innovation that activates a chain reaction in several industries? I think this small creation will have a big impact on the smartphone industry. If touch screens become irrelevant, companies will think of other ways to control your devices. What are your opinions? What do you think will happen with the introduction of this ring?

2 responses to “This ring will rule them all”

  1. mittalanumeha says :

    This entry caught my eye because of the Ring and as I read the blog, it actually turned out to be resembling J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings theme. Even the Japanese company’s name is Tolkien. This technology is like bringing black magic into the world. I think this ring is too good to be true and if used will definitely cause a chain reaction!
    It would distort boundaries between a lot of technologies and would threaten to eliminate competition in the industry. The ring could create a strong monopoly in the market. It would act as another necessary evil device and can completely revolutionise the digital world.
    Hence, although the idea of controlling everything from a single ring seems thrilling but it can be very dangerous too.

  2. dannyexalto says :

    Ha-ha, I liked your reference to Lord of the Rings!

    Now, let’s get down to the content of your blog.

    In the source you provided was an awesome video about possible real life applications for the smart ring. Making gestures with your hand and fingers looks both badass and futuristic!

    However, I will have to disagree with you as well as the above reply on your post on the future of the smart ring. I do not expect the ring to have a big impact on the smartphone industry, simply because smartphones are being used too much. Can you imagine yourself using this ring all day? I would quickly get tired drawing symbols in the air and crave for a screen where one simple touch would get the job done!

    I am not completely pessimistic about the smart ring tough! I certainly see opportunities for the product, for instance the television market. Televisions do not need as much interaction with the user as smartphones. Occasionally adjusting the volume or switching channels should not be such a pain as typing a text message would be.
    Furthermore, I see opportunities for the smart ring replacing not just the television remote, but remotes in general. Nowadays there are remote controls for everything (e.g. lights, gates/doors, shutters). You would probably only need to perform the gesture maybe once or twice a day (e.g. opening and closing, or turning on and off).

    The point I am trying to make here is that I believe the smart ring is a practical and handy thing to have, as long as the gestures you are going to make with it do not happen too frequent.

    I did some additional research into smart rings and came across the following product: I will not go into too much depth on this one, but – keeping in mind what I said earlier about the impact of “your” smart ring on the smartphone industry – I think the Mota smart ring will have a bigger chance at (the crazy idea of) replacing touchscreens.

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