UberPop: what is it about?

U probably have noticed it in the newspapers recently: drivers get fined for using UberPop up to 4.200 euro’s. UberPop is a new service presented bij Uber. Uber is a company which recently got valued at 17 billion dollars and got very controversial when announcing their new services allowing amateurs to become taxi drivers.

So what is Uber? Uber is an app which allows people to order and pay for a taxi drive through their phone. One can see on their Smartphone which Uber taxi’s are in the area and can order the one they prefer. The app provides cost estimations accordingly. One pays for a ride afterwards through a credit card which is linked to your Uber app account. In this way you won’t need cash anymore.

Last Thursday Uber launched a new service named UberPop. This app enables normal customers to act as professional taxi drivers, and thus pick someone up underway to work for example. It does check the customer’s age, driver’s license and driver’s history. After a ride a customer can rate the driver. A downside for the driver is that the rate per hour is a lot lower than for normal taxis.

The app was immediately blocked in the Netherlands, and also in a lot of other countries. In Germany for example the entire Uber app is illegal. In San Francisco the changed some laws to allow services like Uber to operate. Reasons for this were that the driver has no official license, the app enables unfair competition and travelers won’t be ensured. Because of the lower rate per hour travelers will probably choose for the non professional drivers instead of professional taxi chauffeurs. The government is currently fining unlicensed drivers actively using ‘mystery customers’. Fines can be as high as 4200 euro’s

What do you think about UberPop? Should it be legalized?






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