Want to be an internet entrepreneur? Go Poker!

No, that is not exactly what I want to say, but it sounds nice. First of all I want to specify Internet entrepreneurs as creators of online mediating platforms. Secondly it has something to do with apples and oranges, but sometimes you have to make a comparison like that to make clear what you mean. However I would like to suggest that there are similarities between this kind of internet entrepreneurs and poker.

At the beginning of the Internet age, entrepreneurs were looking in real-life to find something they can copy to the “online world”; Facebook (social interaction between people), dating sites (Explanation is not needed, I think), music platforms, job-vacancies, news-sites, Ebay and so on.

More specific, they create a platform for two existing parties. To create such platforms, you have to analyse data, maybe big data, of what is happening “a lot” in real life. You transform this into a platform, and there it is: a big start-up.

Nowadays every two-sided market in real life is already transformed in an online platform. The only opportunity is to be a ‘copycat’ and making a “better” one. Result: a big start-up too.

It sounds quite simple, of course it isn’t, thousands of (potential) Internet entrepreneurs try, maybe millions. Unfortunately, “we” are not alone.

Except for the real creative ones, who create one side of the market by themselves, by their platform. They are just alone. It fascinates me. I mean social platforms such as Uber and Airbnb. Uber makes everyone with a five-door car a taxi driver. Uber has created million of taxi drivers with one platform, all of these persons do not know they were a taxi driver before Uber exist. The same applies to Airbnb; nobody knew that his or her house could act as hotel. This is somewhat exaggerated, I think. But you know what I mean.

Of course there is the question whether it is legal or not, whether it is terrible for the economy or not. All because of the taxes where the official hotels and taxi drivers have to comply with, and that the created ones can bypass. But what is wrong, the new business models or “the” system? Anyway it does not diminish the astounding result of the powerful combination of simplicity and creativity.

When you come up with an idea to create a new two-side market, please do not comment below! Give it a try! While the two-side market does not exist yet, there is no competition: it is only you and your idea!

So it is about knowing what people want before they know it themselves, about inventing a completely new strategy and about knowing what is the value of the idea, while no one else knows and no one else thinks of. Oh… That is poker about too.


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