Lithium-ion batteries’ days are over?

Lithium-ion batteries are crap. I’m an addicted smartphone user and I have been using my for more than one and a half year. On usual day my device is dead after 3-4 hours of web browsing and text. No videos or game playing. How is that even possible?! I had charged it for 5 hours! I want my Nokia 3310 back…

Turns out there are people currently working on that. Like Israeli startup StoreDot, which is now developing quantum dot-utilizing fast-charging smartphone battery technology. A quantum dot is a nanocrystal made of semiconductor materials that are small enough to exhibit quantum mechanical properties. StoreDot pitches its bio-organic nano-crystal technology as an enabler for faster charging batteries.

StoreDot has been developing biological semiconductors, made from naturally occurring organic compounds called peptides, or short chains of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins. The technology can be used, among other things, to speed charging times, the company says.

In October 2014 the company has closed a $42 million Series B funding round, very recently in June this year Roman Abramovich invested in the company $10 million, so the financial backup of StoreDot is secured.

And things look promising, although every now and then we hear about a capacitor based batter that charges in seconds, but also discharges very fast. The fouders are proper research scientists from top-notch universities, thus they know what they are doing.

StoreDot’s CEO and founder Dr Doron Myersdorf said: “The fully functioning prototype that fits inside the phone for commercialization will be ready the second half of 2016. In early 2017 it will be on the market.”

If this technology turns out to be both flexible and scalable, we will suddenly wake up in a new world of rapid charging electronic devices, cars, e-bikes or maybe even planes?



3 responses to “Lithium-ion batteries’ days are over?”

  1. stefan2014bim says :

    I like your post and that you share news about StoreDot. I only think that your statement that Lithium-ion batteries are crap is nonsense. I am big proponent of this batteries, not only has these battery been important of the last decades for the growth in eletronic devices. They also have significant improved, the facts is still that the growth of the battery has been lacked behind with the growth in required power usage in the devices. I hope indeed the solution for StoreDot will be introduced so we can have equal levels of growth again.

  2. 347588or says :

    I came across an article today where a new generation of lithium-ion batteries was described, which convinced me that the days of lithium-ion batteries are far from over. By changing the traditional material used for the anode of the battery from graphite to a cheap titanium dioxide gel, it would charge a battery to 70-percent in only two minutes. The article also stated that batteries that included this titanium dioxide gel anode would last for over 20 years.

    The research team from Singapore claimed the described technology would be ready for the market within two years; the days of lithium-ion batteries are far from over.

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