Should Disney buy Nike FuelBand?

Since a while now,  Disney has implemented MagicBands in their theme parks in Florida. The MagicBands enables users to get into parks, open their hotel rooms, pay their drinks and foods and use the Fastpass lines they subscribed for. They increase the theme park experience and make a trip to a Disney Theme Park easier for the customers.

The MagicBands are simply RFID chips in a fashionable wristband. They are not powered by a battery, neither do they have led displays. The MagicBands solely interact with a great amount of scanners that are spread throughout the Disney parks. They can be found at for instance, the entrance, turnstiles, ride entrances and cash registers. By scanning the MagicBand at a so called touchpoint the transaction takes place. Some functions can be turned off or on through the internet however, the MagicBand itself is continuously active.

Nevertheless, the MagicBand does not provide any realtime information as for instance, the current time or personal activity. Would it be an idea for Disney to buy an idea/product that does have this, like Nike FuelBand.

Nike FuelBand is a wristband that tracks movements and has a led screen that serves as a clock. The product measures the calories you burn, the steps you have taken and the vigorousness of a day’s activities. It is an extensive fitness tracker and has a sharp design.

If Disney would buy a product like Nike Fuelband, it could give its customers a premium MagicBand experience. Guests would be able to find all the extra information the Nike Fuelband provides. They could keep track of the time, see the steps they took, see the rides they have taken, their heart rate and much more. It would make the theme park experience even more complete than before. It would be a great opportunity to rescue Nike’s dying platform, however would be an evenly great opportunity for Disney’s MagicBands?


One response to “Should Disney buy Nike FuelBand?”

  1. 356877mn says :

    A very interesting post, yet the MagicBands raises a couple of red flags in my opinion. Mainly privacy concerns. If I understand correctly, Disney can scan these MagicBands from all over the park/resort. Basically, they can gather data from every interaction, be it passing a turnstile, entrance, buying food, booking reservations etc. whereby their preferences can be gathered and used! Big data comes to mind immediately; what foods people tend to buy, which shops they frequented etc. By using this data, they could start target-marketing and make huge profits by using your preferences.

    With the inclusion of the Nike Fuelband, they could have even more data to use and perhaps even further ‘lure’ customers.

    To illustrate: you’ve burned ‘x’ amount of calories, become a bit hungry… and you ‘conveniently’ see a discount on fast food right in front of you, coincidentally at the same time you were feeling hungry. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be ‘lured’. What do you think of the ‘assumed’ privacy issues?

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