Spritz: reading novels in under 90 minutes

naamloosIt sounds like a magic pill, something that is too good to be true; a technology that can learn you to read faster. Yet Spritz is anything but that. The inventors of the technology discovered that while reading you spend most time on moving your eyes across the page, to focus on the right words.

In fact, while you are reading you spend only 20 percent of your time actually recording information and you waste 80 percent controlling your eyes. Sin right? The creators of Spritz came up with a solution which eliminates the movement of the eyes. Obviously the only way to do that is centering each word in your field of vision and that’s exactly what Spritz does. So, instead of reading text on a page the text is presented by rapidly successive words, all of which are centered so that your eyes do not have to move a millimetre. Thus, you are almost 100 percent of your time working on recording information and not with the management of your eyes.

Spritz claims that each word we read imagesCAMO0T9Khas its own Optimal Recognition Point. If we process that we are able to grasp the meaning of the word much faster. Spritz highlights this Optimal Recognition Point by marking a single letter in each word red. The words are shown in a large font on your screen, showing up in quick progression at any speed you want. It has been developed for quite a while and has recently been released for portable devices which are supported by iOS and Android (Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear 2).

Does it actually work?
People might read faster but do they also comprehend the text they are reading? Penn Schoen Berland tested “spritzing,” against traditional reading in overall reading speeds and comprehension. The study showed that even though Spritz readers are reading at a faster rate, they retained a comparable size of information as traditional readers. Although these results seem convincing a critical comment is that the research has been sponsored by Spritz.

Have you ever tried Spritz or one of the apps that uses the Spritz technology? And how did you experience it? You can try it on http://www.spritzinc.com!

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3 responses to “Spritz: reading novels in under 90 minutes”

  1. 323834mv says :

    As someone with dyslexia, I could not believe this application to be true. However after trying this it really does work. The words are very easily and quickly recognisable making this application very interesting. However, this would mean that all the books need to be translated into this program. Therefore, it is feasible to have this application to be translated into the world today? It would be interesting to see whether it would be more comfortable to read using Spritz or just having the text in front of oneself. This could very easily be examined using and experimental study test, which could maybe disprove the use of this application.

  2. vdmasek says :

    I read about Spritz earlier this year when researching methods for expanding banking services for people with vision problems. There are many diseases which affect different elements of vision.

    While eyes are the most affected organs when discussing vision problems, neurological symptoms can manifest by the inability to distinguish words properly. Spritz had a value proposition of trying to aid these individuals and I am glad that their products are now available to all consumers.

  3. deshnakhedoe says :

    I find it almost hard to believe that such an application exists. However, it is a great invention. A downside is that if Spritz is going be used as a novel-reading tool, then the technology needs to be able to handle complex, nuanced writing.
    Currently, there are only a few apps available for second-rate reading. Famous e-readers should be able to adopt this application to as for instance, Kindle. However, I believe Spritz will safe you a lot of valuable time especially in situations where you need to take up a document when you are in a hurry. It is a very convenient app and it will make life a lot easier for all of is. We often ask for more time, I guess this is our answer.

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