Technology in the medical world

When we look at the healthcare industry, there are a lot of possibilities for improving and better monitoring the patients. Google is already working on real life communication between the patient and a medical expert. Using a video connection the patient can be helped. But that is not what I want to talk about. Let’s talk about Philips, most of the people know this company because of the televisions or lightning technology.

But Philips is no stranger to the healthcare industry. This October a new device with LED light, which let you treat your skin diseases will be introduced in the Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom. But Philips is diving further into the medical world. The company developed a gadget for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) sufferers. This gadget is continuously gathering diagnostic data like heart rate, respiratory function and physical activity and/or inactivity. All of the data is collected on this sensor and transferred to the patient’s mobile device and uploaded to a cloud-based healthcare repository.


These ‘gadgets’ are just three examples of the fact, that seeing doctors is not always necessary anymore. Will the medical world develop in a technical way that appointments with doctors will disappear and eventually the doctors themselves disappear? Of course, the doctors should diagnose the physical problems, but the these three developments show that the role of the doctor is not as important as it was. Every week an appointment for just checking on you is not the most fun part to do for both the doctor and the patient.

Is the medical world ready for this technological developments? You should ask yourself whether the patients will trust the technology. Of course it is way more convenient and easier for the patient, but do you want to be dependent on technology?

I think there is a long way to go for the medical world to be totally ‘technology based’. With the pace of the developments it is very likely that even the diagnosing of the medical problems can be done without doctors. But I cannot believe that doctors will not play any role in the near future, mainly because of the fear of technology dependency. People are afraid and want the security of a medical expert. Do you guys think the medical world is ready for these technological developments?



One response to “Technology in the medical world”

  1. 359268hh says :

    I have read the blog ‘Technology in the medical world’. As said in the blog above there are a lot of possibilities for improving the healthcare industry, but we can focus on better monitoring the patients as well.

    It’s really good to notice that companies are trying to improve the healthcare industry. In my opinion it is really interesting that a company like Philips is developing a gadget for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD. I have to say that I am surprised this gadget contains all the data that has been collected on just one sensors, besides that it can be transferred to the patient’s mobile device and it can be uploaded to a cloud-bases healthcare repository. That’s incredible!

    But then, I can’t agree with the fact: Seeing doctors is not always necessary anymore. Why do I disagree with that? I would like to explain why. Changing the medical world into a technical medical world would be a huge mistake, because the face-to-face appointments would change into appointments through the Internet by webcam or by chat. In my opinion I prefer to see my doctor in real life because of my privacy. I wouldn’t like it when my privacy is spreading into the world because my computer has been hacked. Besides that, I think doctors are really important in the medical world and can’t be replaced by technology. Medical problems may be done without doctors, but we can’t just throw the feat of technology dependency away. Men has to be convinced by a medical expert and can’t rely on a computer.

    I am not convinced that the medical world is ready for his technological development. I really love the technology nowadays but that doesn’t mean everything has to change with the developing of the technology.

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