The right to be forgotten or The right to maybe be forgotten?

The last few years there has been a lot of controversy about the practically and establishment of the right to be forgotten. Main concerns is that the right to be forgotten impacts other rights such as freedom of expression and right to privacy. Others also claim that this right stimulates censorship in the society.

Google, who has been firm proponent of free internet and freedom of expression on the internet, has said that it understands the issues from individuals. Google has created link-removal form where individuals can request to remove links for the google search engine. The European court of Justice has decided in March 2014 that individuals that are worried about their privacy can ask search engines such as Google to remove their links. Last week google has shared information regarding the amount of requests and approvals. In total 144,954 request has been made for in total of 497,695 links. Of that amount in total only 42% has been removed by Google.

With having this knowledge I would like to make a statement, individuals do not have the right to be forgotten anymore but only a right to maybe be forgotten. In this current model, Google has too much power to decide which links has to be removed or not. With the current development I would like to make suggestion for creating independent authorities that can decide for link removal on national level. By creating such an authority, request can be assessed on national level and so make the decision making more accessible and understandable. By doing so I am convinced that we can have real right to be forgotten!



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