Anonabox. A tiny box that puts a condom on your internet.

Yes, a condom on your internet. A portable hardware ‘condom’ on your Ethernet cable.

Privacy protection like you have never seen before, whereby Anonabox protects your anonymity on the web using Tor. The software by which it does this (Tor), encrypts Internet traffic (web browsing, instant messaging, email etc.) and bounces it through random computers around the world. Privacy-focused developers are planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the $45 open-source router Anonabox.

It’s  as tiny enough to fit two of them in a pack of cigarettes.This means that users can take the device along with them anywhere, plug it into their office Ethernet cable for sensitive work, or even in China to evade the Chinese Great Firewall.


“The open-source router automatically directs all data that connects to it by Ethernet or Wifi through the Tor network, hiding the user’s IP address and skirting censorship”. How about the developers that made the Anonabox, won’t they know through the Tor network themselves which IP address belongs to which person? I doubt that they wouldn’t know, as the data goes through their own network, which gives off the vibe of: “Use this device made by us, nobody will see what you’re doing”. It just sounds fishy at first. As it is not tested yet, we’ll just have to wait and see whether it’s security promises uphold.

However, I believe that if they hold up to their security promises, that this could be something of interest to users around the world where the Internet is being filtered or blocked such as China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Burma etc. Which is also the target market they want to help, as they say. Even though the people of these internet-repressive regimes have their own ways of reaching the Internet as we (‘Westerners’) see it, the Anonabox could provide to be extremely useful and at a low-cost. It (if fully functioning as promised) decreases all the hassle, whilst your anonymity remains protected.

I believe that the goals of the developers are noble and true, yet still worry if their security promise is achievable. What do you think?


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