AR and Google Glass will bring people back to the streets

Augmented Reality can be used in several ways. The technology can make information about products more interactive. Car brands are able to show their customers their latest models in 3D, interior brands are able to show their customers if the products will match with their other furniture and toy brands are able to show their customers the final model. The technology can make advertisements more interactive, people are able to watch videos and get access to exclusive content. The technology can create a new shopping experience as well. In combination with mobile devices it is possible to provide personalized advertising and in-store shopping assistance. Although nowadays the technology is not popular. The technology has the potential to increase the shopping experience in stores and get the people back to the streets, back to the brick and mortal stores.


With the introduction of the Google Glass, a device that you can wear as a normal glasses, the potential of Augmented Reality can be met. With all the features of Augmented Reality right on your purview without using your hands there is possibly a huge win in popularity. This combination might be the next disruptor in our lives, because it can let our real and virtual world merge into one. It is now possible to enjoy the scenery of the city centre while you get your information handsfree and in your sight. No more people looking down to the screen, but embracing the real world with a new layer to enhance it.

The possibilities become endless and more and more purposes can be filled with this combination. In the shop you can inform the consumer and create personal deals on their purview. You can give your customer the best routes in your shop. The applications of gamification become possible, for example giving discounts for consumers that are looking at your new products. There are possibilities for musea to give information in interesting ways and on city level the city can give visitors very good sightseeing informations. Rates and reviews on your eye while walking through the shopping street, the possibilities seems endless. That is the situation you want to be in if you are a prospective disruptor. I see a good marriage in this combination.

BONUS: Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you did not. I’ve found a pretty cool video about Augmented Reality and how it can take a wrong turn in the long run. Enjoy watching it!

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