Dropbox Hacked, Snowden says “Get Rid of it”

As some of you might have heard, Monday night nearly 7 million usernames and passwords from Dropbox, the free cloud service for storing your photos, videos, and documents across devices, were stolen and leaked onto the internet. According to Dropbox, there was no breach in their actual system, but were the account usernames hacked from third party services. And there are so many of these third party services that it is impossible to track down the service(s) that were hacked. This is an apparent downside to integration. Without allowing third parties to integrate your product or service, you will not get the network effects and Word of Mouth benefits that you usually get from it. But if these third services get hacked and your user account information is leaked, it is not (only) the reputation of the third party services that gets affected, but yours. To play safe, it would be a wise decision to change your Dropbox password. The process doesn’t take long and is well worth it.

Coincedently, the (in)famous Edward Snowden made a comment about their privacy a few days earlier. Snowden is a former contractor for the CIA, who left the US in after leaking to the media details of extensive internet and phone surveillance by American intelligence. Snowden, who has been granted temporary asylum in Russia, faces espionage charges over his actions.

A few days prior to this, Edward Snowden stated that if users value their privacy, they should delete their dropbox account.He said that this is because they do not support encryption, which dropbpx denies. Snowden also came with an alternative file storage program quickly: he says SpiderOak should be the user’s preferred system. This service encripts the data while it is actually on your computer, while Dropbox does this while the data is on the company’s servers or “in transit”. So Snowden does seem to have a point.

But still, it might be questionable what Snowden’s motives are. Maybe he has a friend at SpiderOak, or a grudge against Dropbox? Eitherway, it would probably be a good move for Dropbox to make sure they also encrypt the data, since it is always better to accept the critique and solve it than resist it. Whether it was really Dropbox fault or not, the hacked accounts are still their responsibility. And their responsibility to solve. Maybe they should re-assess their integration policies and select the services that can integrate Dropbox more strictly, or seriously consider the other encryption method to work SpiderOak out of the market.


One response to “Dropbox Hacked, Snowden says “Get Rid of it””

  1. Huang Haoran says :

    I also noticed the news a few days back. Privacy issue has aways been a headache and problem for this industry. Honestly, I do not believe any of hi-tech internet company at all, it is definitely not safe to use them. The reason why we can not get rid of it is because our daily life highly depends on it so we can not leave it without having plan B.
    Besides that, the most important reason we still use is our life are not affected by it as much as we thought. For normal individuals like you and me, most of time the problem it brings to us is just spam email or call. Our personal information, email and phone number etc. actually plays a smaller role than we thought. Okay, Government or hacker may indeed check our emails, they saw private message, so what? they does not really care about you and me, your secret words or sensitive personal issue unless you have some crime intentions or you are a public figure like celebrity and politician. Sometimes we are overacting towards to it, we are not that important as we thought. Do not think so? Go to street and sell your personal information, see actually how many people has interests about it.
    There is one thing I want to point out that is Im not saying personal information should not be protected. I just want to express a thought, normal individuals should picture this issue more rational. From my perspective, sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice some from every individuals if we all know what we actually can benefit from it (public security, protection from crime etc.).

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