Data Security

Just recently 380 e-mail addresses have been stolen from the Dutch defense ministry. This is just one of the examples of another security breach on the web. The theft of personal data has become a billion dollar industry as most of this stolen information is accessible through the internet. Of course, a lot of your personal information is stored on secure locations, BUT no matter how well these contents are secured, they will never be a 100% safe.

Governments and companies invest millions of dollars in data security. They protect their data by various means. By investing a lot of money in such security methods, the government and companies have been able to establish advanced data protection that are very hard to hack. At the same time hackers are getting more organized, as the amount of money that can be earned has proven to be quite large. Together these organized hackers search for leaks in security systems of designated data. The fact is that every type of data security can be cracked; it’s just a matter of time.

This raises the question if there is a solution to this as it seems that data will always be accessible as long as the data is somehow connected to the internet. Currently, the cyber-crime is being tackled by its roots: governments are trying to track down these organized hackers. As hackers have the ability to hide their true identity it remains whether this solution will be effective.

I do believe that a major part of this cyber-crime can be subdued by enforcing better data protection precautions, inhibiting less organized hackers to crack the security. But in general, I think there isn’t a solution to stop the security breaches on the internet since organized hackers always are able to find ways to hack into databases.

With this ongoing phenomenon I was asking myself if the increasing digitalization of businesses is indeed sustainable on long term. What do you think?


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