The revolution of… MEMS?!

Most of the people who read the title will probably have the same question as I did… what the …. is or are MEMS and in what specific area will it be a revolution?!


Let’s start with the first question before discussing the potential revolution of this fairly ‘new’ phenomenon. MEMS is an abbreviation of micro-electro-mechanical systems, small devices that are used in various electronic devices, but are mostly known because of their essential role in the functioning of the smartphones. Due to the smart phone revolution, the price of MEMS (including gyroscopes, magnetometers and accelerometers) have become accessible to the creative people with a lower budget than million dollar companies, these people call themselves innovators. Insiders even expect that the prices will drop to a point that that the use of MEMS in the most daily objects is cost-effective.

The first movers

Various innovators are taking their chances to be the first-movers of MEMS used in the more mundane objects. They are making use of the abilities of MEMS to keep track and respond to a large variety of vital signs of the human body. Netatmo makes use of the MEMS by providing the user of the device the ability to monitor your exposure to sunlight and even gives you a warning when you should (re)apply sunscreen or when to put on your fancy RayBan (or another pair of sunglasses of course ;-)) Another great example of a first-mover is iHealth, a small wristband that always track your blood pressure as long as your mobile phone is on. It is already available for only (?) $79.95.

Open for discussion

This were only two examples out of a already big offer of everyday objects that use the technology of the MEMS. Furthermore the price will continue to drop and the competition will be getting more fierce as soon as the first products will be successful. This technology has a huge potential when used in the right way… so what kind of possibilities do you see?


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