Will Tinder change how people find love in India?


Tinder is an online dating app that allows you to set up a profile and put a brief description about yourself. Then you can start and look at pictures of woman or men and say whether you find them attractive or not. If so you just send a heart and if they like you back and send a heart back you have a match and from there on you can start chatting with each other.

It can be harder than it looks and definitely not something to begin with if you don’t have a thick skin. Imagine giving 50 hearts and not even receiving 1 heart back, this is especially the case for men. The funny thing is also that you send hearts what stands for love.. But actually chances of finding real love are minimal, it’s more likely to find someone for a one-night stand or just a date, because you are just choosing based on looks and nothing more. The brief description can’t be enough for someone to put something interesting on.

Now we go back to India and the rising Tinder use. In India 90% of the marriages are arranged and this is especially the case in the rural areas. In the big cities like New-Delhi the concept of dating marriage and sex is changing. Tinder is the app that is part of this change. It only arrived in India a year ago and already grows with an astonishing  1% a day.

In a country like India it’s not surprising that a lot of people live a double life. We have the parents that are basically arranging everything for their kids but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t hooking up or don’t have one-night stands. This app leaves your options open even though your parents are arranging a marriage for you.

The days that we bumped on to someone on the train station and fell in love are gone. The real life interactions are decreasing with more apps like Tinder on the market.

Do you guys think that a country like India needs something like Tinder? Or what are your own experiences with Tinder? Have you found real love?



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