Digital Transformation: Group 16.

Customer services play crucial role for the company’s success in modern business realms.  Different companies implement various hints and try to exploit new technological opportunities to make their customer service systems more sophisticated and more client-friendly. For online services it is more complicated, as human-to-human communication is impossible.

In our report we  focused on the website clients’ support. As the companies have a lot of information for the customers, website can become overwhelmed with links and thus more complicated for usage.  As a result, many companies now focus on trying to make their websites as customer-friendly as possible. One of the most successful tools for that appeared to be a Live Online Chat. The chat allows customers to receive help in website navigation and also to get a direct channel for finding the answers to the questions they have. The chat appears after a certain period of time spent navigating via the website. If it is relevant the customer can ask for a question in the appeared window.  If not he can just close it and proceed with navigation.

As this technology is quite innovative and has been recently launch by some companies quite successfully, we decided to try to integrate it to one of the major banks in the Netherlands, Rabobank Nederland.

Rabobank is one of the largest banks in terms of market share in the Netherlands, it has a lot of demanding clients, who opt for sophisticated level of services provided. Along with that, we have identified, that nowadays client orientation is the priority for Rabobank Nederland, as it has very weak connections to its customers and thus would like to eliminate these shortcomings.

The proposed solution of the push online live chat platform allows for the mission of Rabobank to be applied more successfully. The proposed solution should be clearly apparent on the page so that customers can easily access the live online chat function. Since the chat function has a push function, it makes the customer relationships more interactive as they are more willing to help immediately.

From the strategic point of view  the initiative would be positive.  As mentioned previously, Rabobank wants to strengthen relations with customers. That is why it has created five promises to their customers; which are always personal, clear and trustworthy, involved and nearby, standing stronger together and focused on the future. Through the introduction of the push online live chat platform, these five promises will be amplified resulting in closer relations to their customers. Moreover, the new system will allow to receive faster and much more comprehensive feedback from clients and thus to ease the process of company’s effectiveness analysis.

From the financial point of view, the newly integrated technology, with 304 % ROI, would be profitable to the company.

From the technical point of view, the transformation proposed requires either outsourcing or off-the-shell production. This will allow to increase the technical deployment of Rabobank Nederland in order to make the company more innovative and state-of-the-art.

All in all, the new digital transformation would significantly enhance the overall strategy of Rabobank Nederland, especially in the customer service sense.


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