Digital Transformation Project Team 20: A Digital Transformation at Taberna Dushi Restaurant


Taberna Dushi is a small restaurant located in the heart of Rotterdam, founded in 2003 by Henry and Erna Garces-Colina, a long time married couple. Taberna is the Latin word for a “casual dining”, a meeting place where guests can casually eat and drink. Dushi means “tasty” in Papiamento, the owner’s language. Thus, the name Taberna Dushi represents the desire to create a restaurant that combines both atmosphere and cuisine of the Mediterranean and Caribbean region (Garces-Colina, 2014).

When looking at the current use of IT at Taberna Dushi, we found that there is an extreme lack of use of information systems and technologies in the daily business operations. Traditional modes of communication are still in place. Inventory tracking, order registration, and staff scheduling are all done manually on sheets of paper. The key disadvantages of this traditional way of working is that it results in a very time-consuming business with important data getting lost. In order for the company to thrive in today’s competition and be on equal footing with bigger players (chain restaurants/fast food), it is time for Taberna Dushi to enter the digital work from the analogue one, but keeping in mind the innate culture of Taberna Dushi which makes it special. By doing so, operational efficiency will be increased by streamlining certain business processes. With our digital transformation project paper we aim to provide a recommended business plan for Taberna Dushi by implementing an overall digital transformation to the business to capitalise on the IS strategic potential. The business operations identified are:

  1. Inventory management
  2. Order management
  3. Internal communication
  4. Online presence and Marketing

Given the nature of the restaurant and its owners, certain constraints have been placed to adhere with the norms and values surrounding Taberna Dushi. The IT solutions ought to be easy to use in terms of complexity and learning. Given the fiscal restraints, the budget is limited therefore cheaper alternatives that provide the same/similar output are opted.


  1. SLIMis and Google Spreadsheets: SLIMis is the digital inventory management system for Sligro, the main wholesaler of Taberna Dushi. SLIMis automatically replenishes inventory in time and always aims to maintain the right stock level (Sligro, 2014). As Sligro is not the only wholesaler, we also recommend the use of Google Spreadsheets to track the remaining inventory.
  2. CloverTwo: A mobile ordering app for the waiters to take the orders from the guests.
  3. Google Spreadsheets and Google Agenda: These Google Application are an easy and cheap way for Taberna Dushi to improve its  internal communication, including staff scheduling and making implicit knowledge explicit to all staff members.
  4. Weebly and Social Media Management: Weebly enables Taberna Dushi to offer a mobile- and search-engine optimised website, which is fundamental in the 21st century. Moreover, time should be devoted to online standing of Taberna Dushi, with a particular focus on social media and reviews.

The report elaborates more on the suggested solutions. By adopting the different IS solutions to the current business operations we expect a significant improvement in operational efficiency in terms of time saving and cost cutting, while expecting an increase in sales by better managing the information in the business via business intelligence and data analytics in the system.


– Garces-Colina, H. and Garces-Colina, E. (2014), Interview Taberna Dushi 09-10-2014

– Sligro, 2014.  

– CloverTwo, 2014.

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