Digital Transformation team 38: Cloud based desktop virtualization for Allianz SE

Allianz SE is a global financial service provider and among the world’s largest insurance companies. To facilitate its employees in working as effective as possible, they currently under achieve in terms of their IS. Their IS outdated, leaving employees with outdated equipment and also missing out on other benefits.

Due to Allianz’ outdated IS strategy, a digital transformation is recommended. It became quite clear that cloud computing along with desktop virtualization is the IT innovation Allianz needs. At the moment, Allianz uses a Virtual Private Network (VPN). VPN is a network that uses the local internet connection to access the company’s network. Hence, Allianz employees are already able to work from home and different locations. But cloud computing combined with desktop virtualization has many more advantages; it is faster, more secure, higher efficiency on IT support and could save costs.

Basically, the concept of cloud computing combined with desktop virtualization is the delivery of virtualized applications and hardware over the internet to the end-user. These applications and hardware are stored and run in massive data centers. Allianz already has two data centers, one in Munich, the other one in Frankfurt. This new system would not only benefit Allianz on productivity, but also result in cost savings on IT support, energy bill, licensing and hardware purchases.

The business model of Allianz is not going to change because of the digital transformation. Allianz is able to provide the same services as they used to do, only now more efficient. The changes are more visible internally. The employees of Allianz gain more independency and are more able to work at home, which will lead to changes in the role of the manager.

Concerning the employees, cloud computing enhances their flexibility and mobility. Mainly, because they have access to their own digital workspace anywhere in the world, whenever they want, if they have access to the internet. Of course, this brings along changes. Location becomes less important, because Allianz employees can easily work on different locations or even at home through cloud computing. Allianz should decide how much freedom within this increased flexibility and mobility, they would like to give their employees. Furthermore, the phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been discussed. This allows Allianz employees to bring the device they like and are familiar with to work. With cloud computing it is easier to outroll BOYD.

Despite the fact that this digital transformation will cost much time and many resources. It is believed that the future of Allianz with cloud computing will be beneficial. With the proposed system Allianz will have a reliable IT system for the decade


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