Mobile App for BMW – DTP Group 36

Automotive is one of the largest industries in the world right now and is still growing at a rate of more than 3% per annum. We have proposed a mobile application for one of the most well-known and respected automotive brands in the world – BMW.

The app would work well with BMW’s existing business model which seeks to offer a superior value proposition and customer service while targeting a segment which is willing to spend money for reliable and high quality services.

The app would be beneficial to both the company and the user. The users would be able to review new offers and deals, build their dream car, schedule test drives, calculate and make financial transactions, read and write reviews and view everything the dealership has to offer without having to physically go to the store.

The company would also benefit from the app in a myriad of ways as it would allow them to target a newer, more tech savvy demographic, offer new and unique services that will give them an edge over their competitors, and the app would also serve as a marketing platform for the firm.

The app’s success would be judged by the number of application downloads, amount of usage of various app features and the novelty of the idea through word of mouth propagation and feedback. Thus, the important decisions to be considered revolve around the features of the app, extent of integrating technology with the overall strategy and infrastructure to be planned for growth and new campaigns. Feedback from the users and the dealers would be a very important source of information in the conceptualization of the app.

Developing such an application is not cheap. But we believe that even if do not get any direct financial benefits from this app, the company will be able deliver superior value to the consumer through the app and that would be beneficial to the company in the long run while aligning itself to the company’s business strategy. The app would also serve as a marketing platform for the company. The financial risks associated with developing the app are not very high for a company like BMW. If the app is not able to succeed as per the company’s expectation, it is very easy to terminate the app, without incurring any additional costs.

The future scope of this app is also very vast. The app may be designed to include a larger variety of services such as including garage visits, and roadside assistance into the app. The app can serve as an interactive online community for BMW owners and it may also be developed to serve as a marketplace for sale and purchase of used cars. The app can also be integrated with the car in such a way that the owner is able to monitor the car’s location and it’s health at all times directly from the app while controlling the luxury features of the car from their mobile device.

In conclusion, we propose a mobile app for a car dealership such as BMW which can potentially transform its business model. This app would serve as a platform for all types of communication between the user and the company. The app would give the company a significant competitive edge as no other car dealership offers such an app right now and BMW would have the first mover’s advantage.


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