Nestpick, the Airbnb for international studens.

A Rotterdam based and founded Start-up Company whose mission it is to change the real estate market. The idea emerged when international student and founder Fabian Dudek came to Rotterdam for his study and almost ended homeless. The problem for international students is to find a room without being able to visit the city. Furthermore, there are a lot unreliable landlords making it even harder to find a room in an unknown city.

Nestpick solves this problem. They enable international students to securely and conveniently rent private places online. They enable landlords or real estate companies to rent their rooms to possible tenants online. Students are ensured that the landlord is reliable and employees of Nestpick inspect the room and make professional photos.

Landlords have the benefits of getting professional photos and a continuing inflow of new tenants. They do not have to make time to guide possible tenants and all deals are made online. It will cut vacancies as students can apply before the apartment becomes available again.

The costs of the services provided is fifty percent of one month’s rent. The costs are for students, but the student will save a plane ticket because he doesn’t have to inspect the room beforehand and don’t have the uncertainty of not having a room.

Nestpick already have rented 15.000 months in 2013 for landlords, equivalent of € 1.000.000 in revenues. The 25 person staff sees a lot of opportunities to expand internationally where they are already nationwide. Moreover, this problem is not typical Dutch. International students in every other country have the same issues. There is certainly a market for Nestpick in other countries, but their business model obligate them to have Nestpick representative in every city they want to rent apartments. It could be done by partnerships with professional photographers, but it will always be expensive.


3 responses to “Nestpick, the Airbnb for international studens.”

  1. socbrothers says :

    Besides that the website doesn’t seem to work, I strongly believe in the value proposition of Nestpick. Which in my vision more than a “airbnb” for international students (also because airbnb is also offering rooms for longer staying students). Ok, the website is like a exact copy but the niche it’s focussing on is much more precise. Airbnb has an “karma” of vacation around it which is also noticable in the offer and pricing. Many rooms are comparable to hotel rooms and almost have the same pricing. Nestpick goes back to the roots of Airbnb, offering a location in a city, which you normally never get for a price thats cheaper of comparable to hotel rooms. I hope Nestpick continues to maintain this “knight” like moral of only offering what they promise: unique accommodations around the world.

  2. 358485bn says :

    I fully support Nestpick’s initiative. However I do not believe they are the Airbnb for students. First because there is an initial fee to pay, which not negligible for a student, student do not save the plane ticket since they usually find accommodation once they are in the city. Moreover the landlords face risk of having bad tenants, thus they charge prices that are usually higher than the market prices. So it is true that Nestpick is convenient for students but I believe there is still place for a cheaper options for students.

  3. 417711ss says :

    So essentially the value proposition I see that Nestpick offers is to enable international students from anywhere to rent their accommodation from any landlord or real estate company – ‘securely’ and ‘conveniently’. Securely and conveniently being the key here. If I were to look at the business in marketplace terms – its a marketplace where buyers (students) find secure accommodation and sellers (landlords) have greater visibility.

    In my opinion their revenue model is causing a hindrance for users to sign up/bypass the platform due to the following reasons:
    1. Some buyers will not be willing to sign up because of the higher commission
    2. Even if buyers sign up for the first time and use Nestpick , in future, they will have a tendency to bypass Nestpick and directly talk to landlords in future to avoid paying commission
    3. Provides opportunity for other players to copy their business model who charge lower commission from the buyers.

    I think a better model would be to also authenticate buyers (verify identity) and charge a small proportion (~20%) of revenue from sellers after having payments integrated in their platform. This way buyers will have no incentive to bypass the system. Network effects will be much stronger. Let me know if you have any comments on this model?

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