Could Microsoft Watch conquers all?

Wearable tech is now a trend among the tech giants, like Apple, Google, and Samsung. Microsoft, same here, is reportedly to have a smart watch gadget on the market soon.  In the past, Microsoft once released the SPOT watch that partnered with Fossil, a famous watch company. The new one, however, will have more functions than just its appearance.

Join with the Xbox Kinect division in the Microsoft, the watch is expected to measure heart rate. Unlike the Apple watch, tied with the IOS system, Microsoft watch aimed to work with both iPhones and Android Phones. Nonetheless, the battery duration will last longer up to 2 days.

With the continuous heart rate tracking function, health company as well as individuals will be more willing to purchase it for self-diagnosis. The eternal goal for Microsoft is to further developed a personal health care wearable device. Cross platform service is the most bold move for Microsoft watch, since the rival company created their own watch at first, Microsoft could stand on the shoulders of them, and make shift for getting out the morass of Windows phone. Plain appearance is Microsoft’s extinguish way from Apple’s offering, the Microsoft watch, thus,  is expected to be cheaper than the iWatch and Samsung Gear.

There are many wearable innovation nowadays, such as the recent award winner, Wristify. Wristify is a newly innovation by MIT students as a group participating in this year’s MADMEC. Though it’s just a prototype for now, it received numerous positive comments. With Wristify, one can heat up or cool down simply by wearing it.Through sensing the change of temperature, Wristify will automatically raise or decrease the temperature to the comfortable level through pulses. It’s an innovative idea, and maybe it’s possible for Microsoft to connect the Kinnect system with Wristify, thus became an unique wearable device.

With the fundamental features that IOS and Android could provide , longer battery life, a reasonable price, and maybe an innovative temperature adjusting system, it could be possible that Microsoft watch will conquer the smart watch market in no time. What do you see in the future of Microsoft watch?



One response to “Could Microsoft Watch conquers all?”

  1. 417701xh says :

    Thanks for the interesting post. I myself also find wearable devices quite attractive, and would like to buy when one when I can afford one haha

    So at here I want to add some points and introduction about Wearable:

    Wearable device refers to electronic technologies or computers that are incorporated into items of clothing and accessories which can comfortably be worn on the body. These wearable devices can perform work as mobile phones and laptop computers; however, in some cases, wearable technology can outperform these hand-held devices entirely. I think Wearable technology tends to be more sophisticated than hand-held technology on the market today because it can provide sensory and scanning features not typically seen in mobile and laptop devices, such as biofeedback and tracking of physiological function.

    The implications and uses of wearable technology are far reaching and can influence the fields such as transportation, gaming and music. The goal of such wearable technologies will be to smoothly incorporate functional, portable electronics and computers into individuals’ daily lives. Actually, wearable devices were primarily used in the field of military technology and had the biggest implications for healthcare and medicine before. For instance, medical engineers were talking about wearable devices which could unobtrusively monitor the health and well-being of patients in the form of a “Wearable Motherboard™” or the “Smart Shirt,” aimed at monitoring vital signs and sending that biofeedback information to a hub station in real time (Park and Jayaraman, 2003).

    And in my point of view, the current hand-held devices available to consumers, such as Smart Phones, iPods and tablets, have changed the technological and social landscapes on a global scale, such that, walking out in public and seeing an individual engaging with a hand-held device is commonplace. Such an image was nonexistent only 20 years ago. With that in mind, developers and analysts predict that wearable technology will very quickly change the technological and cultural landscapes once again, and may even change the nature of mobile phones and other hand-held devices entirely.

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