Is humanity coming to an end?

Did you know the average person stares at his/her smartphone 150 times per day? That works out to about once every 6.5 minutes of every hour that the average person is awake. Kind of ironic isn’t it, how these touchscreens actually makes us lose touch. Just look at the world we are living in right now, it is all filled with iMacs, iPads and iPhone and is just too centered on the “i”, there is no room for “us” or “we” anymore.

The ever-increasing rise of technology has made us more separate and selfish than ever. While technology claims to connect people, the connection has actually gotten worse. Let’s take Facebook for example; the majority of the people see it as a social network, but it actually should be reclassified into being named an “ anti social network”. The reason I am saying this is because while we all may have big friend lists, most of the people on it are actually friendless. Because we sit at home behind our computer screen trying to measure our self worth by the amount of followers and likes we can garner, while ignoring those who actually love us. It seems that in this age we rather send each other text messages and “selfies” than meet up face to face.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 22.37.32

The world we are living in is a world of media overstimulation. All technologies need to get faster and faster; chat messages have been reduced to snaps (snap chat), the news is only 140 characters long and videos are now 6 seconds (vine).

Recent studies show that the attention span of the average adult today is 1 second lower than that of a goldfish. So if you are one of the few people who are superior to aquatic animals and have yet to click away from this blog post, I want to say congratulations, you still have a choice. I choose to no longer spoil my precious moments and food by recording and taking pictures of it first. What will you choose to do?




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