Same-day Delivery will Grow in the Triple-Digits

same day delivery triples

Companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, and Uber are active and expanding their services that allow shoppers to order online and receive it the same day, without ever needing to leave home.

If they succeed in doing so, despite the cost and complexity involved in delivering over the ‘last mile’, these businesses will increase their e-commerce customer base (including its share of the retail dollars), and tapping an offline retail’s last real competitive advantage.

In a new report of BI Intelligence, an exhaustive look at the same-day delivery market sizing the percentage of people to whom products will delivered to in the same day this year. It shows the demographics of same-day delivery to customers, the markets where these services have the best chance of succeeding, and assesses how each of the many new same-day delivery compares to the others. The technology that could really make a package delivered to the door hours after you order it a common phenomenon.

In sum, the report estimated the market for same day delivery from 2013-2018, including the percentage of people who use these services and the total sales volume.

It also looked at the potential customers for the same day delivery, based on the cities where these individuals are most likely to be concentrated. Similarly, the types of goods people are more likely to order for same day delivery. Examined how the different services same day delivery compared with each other in terms of price, location and selection. The barriers that could keep the same day delivery of ever becoming a dominant preference among consumers was also considered and finally

identified the technology that could make same day delivery common place and cost-effective.

 same day delivery

Here are some of the key points of the report:

• USE: BI Intelligence estimated that 2% of buyers who live in cities where delivery is offered the same day using these services. In dollar terms, it is estimated that approximately $ 100 million of the merchandise is delivered through the realization of the same day this year in 20 cities across the United States.

• EXPECTATIONS: Consumer interest in same day delivery is already quite high. Four out of ten buyers from the United States said that they would use the same day delivery if they had no time to go to the store. One in four shoppers said that they would consider abandoning a shopping online if delivering on the same day was not an option.

• DEMOGRAPHICS: A same-day buyer fits a very specific profile – millenial, most likely masculine, urban region, and young. The products that people want delivered the same day are also quite niche.

• Barriers: Despite all the competition in the market for same day delivery, it still will not be easy to get people to pay for these services. 92% of consumers say they are willing to wait four days or more of its e-commerce packages to arrive.

Src: Business Intelligence [2014] Online. Available from


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