Samsung VR

Samsung announced early September their own VR goggles to Samsung Devices with its own virtual reality glasses, according to The Verge. The glasses, would be comparable to Google Cardboard, a cardboard glasses from Google in which a phone is inserted.

Unlike the Google I / O where Cardboard glasses was announced, Samsung would have their virtual reality glasses made from plastic, but it basically looks the same: a phone must be pushed within as the screen of the phone is used to conjure the images on the glasses. Lenses in the glasses will ensure that there is the 3D effect.

There has long been speculation about a virtual reality glasses from Samsung, but it is the first time that this rumour comes out about a specific announcement. Samsung would like to present the specifications of the glasses at an event where probably the Galaxy Note 4 is announced, reports The Verge.

It is unknown whether the glasses will be in cooperation with the Oculus Rift, with which Samsung has developed a partnership. Recently an image of a pair of glasses has surfaced the internet that would be made jointly by both companies but with a different design.

This will bring severe changes not only to the mobile industry as we know it, but will also bleed into other industries that uses 3D enabled technologies like movies and games. With the Facebook and Oculus Rift working together, social media is also at an interesting turning point.

Personally, I can’t wait for it to be here already, as i already have two of the holy trinity (a Samsung Galaxy S4 and a Samsung Gamepad) to dive into my VRMMOs



The Verge [Online] August 13, 2014 Avaiable from:


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