Yahoo! Auctions stands still in East-Asia

When we were in junior high school, Yahoo! was merely a website for receiving e-mails, messages and reading news, and that was 10 years ago. As the growing of the e-commerce, yahoo has three different platforms in Taiwan for shopping, including auction, commerce central and shopping mall. The auction is made for C2C via yahoo platform, and the commerce central and shopping mall is made for B2C. And, it beat ebay to be the biggest e-commerce site in Taiwan.

Wth its acquisition of Kimo, Yahoo! successfully acquired the local knowledge and created a user friendly search engine for Taiwanese. And, based on the success of the Yahoo! search, it built the e-commerce empire. Also, the Yahoo! auction in Taiwan famous of its user friendly interface. Amit Kumar, head of the Yahoo! Small Business department said that, people could create a store and set up credit card payment within only a few minutes. And, Yahoo! gives the store owner more powerful and efficient way to making their dreams come true.

Yahoo uses advertising revenue model, through the auction, commerce central and shopping mall, websites offers contents, service, and products, and provided ads in the margin. Through those ads, small business could pay ads fee to promote their service or products they provided on the Yahoo shopping platform. And, the Yahoo! company could receive fees from commercials and advertisements. Unlike the transition fee revenue model or the sales revenue model, the ad model has lower cost and more profit.

For the customers, as the changing shopping style, people prefer a much comfortable way to order things online. And the Yahoo! company itself not only provide multiple choice of merchandise, but also to ensure the safety of product transaction and refund.Morever, with Yahoo! platform, some general individuals even develop a brand-name on the commerce central. For example, a couple created Tokichoi selling female clothes, and now it expands un to four different brands, Mayuki, YOCO and Voyya, aiming different types of customers.



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