Archive | October 23, 2014

Magic Leap!

Digital Phone, watch and even I read an article about digital ring some time back.

Didn’t think it can even go beyond that.

Want to know, what’s next? It is Magic Leap. Just Google it and you’ll be amazed to see what you get as the first link.

I just got to know about this amazing technology and couldn’t control myself from sharing it.

It’s rare that a company can stay relatively secretive while raising a huge amount of funding, but Florida’s Magic Leap has managed that. But what is Magic Leap? It’s a question that the startup isn’t answering in details yet.

Magic Leap is combining that inherent visual ability with mobile computing, which will give you a visual output equivalent to when you step outside into the world, but powered by the mobile tech you carry around. It will be a lightweight wearable that merges physical and digital world.

Google is one of the key investors ($542M). Could it also lead to a world just led by Google?

What do you think? What is next now? Will it be successful? Will you be willing to pay any price for it?