Your Strategy to Information

How do you stay up-to-date on what is going on in Tech world?

Living in a society in which nothing goes unseen, one should be selective  on what he or she chooses to see, otherwise you might be overwhelmed by all kinds of impressions which might not at all be relevant to your interests. Traditionally, a lot of knowledge came in through the local newspaper, a type of media which limits the control you have on learning what you want to learn. Nowadays, the News is a rapidly developing industry. News can be followed through traditional channels such as the television or the mentioned newspaper, but recently, multiple new channels have been added to the possibilities.

A good example of this is the Dutch company Blendle, which allows you to only buy specific articles of papers and magazines which you are interested in. Another is the phone application Appy Geek which allows you to only receive news about very specific topics within information technology. The web blog we are using now is a good example as well. To this, numerous other websites, applications and social media pages can be added, which can provide you with the news you are interested in.

However, how do you get to part of the internet which perfectly matches to your desires? I would say helping each other out would be a great way to start. I am sure most BIM students would like to be aware of what is going on in the world of technology. Some of us might be very familiar with the ins and outs of Information Technology and Strategy, some might not…

Therefore, my request to all of you is, to SHARE with us the media you are following to keep up-to-date on News which might be interesting for the whole group of BIM students. Facebook pages, LinkedIn groups, News applications or websites, Youtube Channels, Journals, Television programs and anything else you can possibly think of. Also, a motivation on why and how your suggestion is interesting for all of us is of course always welcome. I am very much looking forward to your comments!

Author: Colin van Lieshout

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10 responses to “Your Strategy to Information”

  1. gabriellapimpao says :

    I agree AppGeeky is a good source of information, I also follow it daily (although some parts of the app like the search is just horrible but anyway).
    But is my favourite is not surprisingly: TechCrunch. I think if you don’t have that much time if you just watch CrunchReport (a video summarizing the main tech news of the day) once a day you are already up to date with the most important news. If you want more you can always subscribe to daily or weekly newsletters or watch CrunchWeek which is very informative and sometimes even funny.
    Other than that where I get information from is newsletters like the O’Reilly IoT, Atlassian, Invision or more general ones like HBR Technology and Innovation or McKinsey Insights. Although to be very honest I don’t always have time to read all these newsletters and that is why started to focus more on TecChrunch (and AppGeeky recently)

    I think this is a great initiative and I am looking forward to hear more sources of information from everyone 🙂

  2. ivarvdlugt says :

    Hi Guys, I also check Techcrunch a number of times a week. However, I think TechCrunch really focusses on the technologies and corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Apple. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Techcurnch and they really do a great job (moreover; I really like reading it).

    However, I’m also interesting in the business implications of technologies, the way companies use technologies in their day to day operations. To keep updated about that, I receive a newsletter from Emerce daily. The daily mail consists of the most important technological business implications in The Netherlands (and sometimes, beyond). For that reason, they provide their news in Dutch. Examples of the news feed; Hands-on: de Oxboard (techie), NOS met online programmaformules voor millennials (business ipmlication) and Waarom een webshop niet meer zonder content marketing kan (general information).

    In conclusion; Techcrunch really does a great job in providing information about high-tech applications and devices. Emerce newsletter provide me with an overview of the way businesses (in The Netherlands) use technologies in their day-to-day operations.

    If you would like to subcribe for Emerce, click on the following link:

  3. colinvanlieshout says :

    Dear Gabriella, thank you very much for your comment! I really like your suggestion of watching CrunchReport, it really shows you all you want to know in just around 5 minutes. I have been following it for the past couple of days, and will definitely keep doing so. For the newsletters, I agree with you that it is sometimes difficult to keep up as companies are often very eager to send them out frequently; which one do you think is the most useful?

  4. colinvanlieshout says :

    Dear Ivar, thank you for sharing your thought on the topic! As I said, I do like Techcrunch and mostly the Crunch Report very much, but I do understand your point. Thanks for sharing Emerce, as it indeed takes more of a business view on technology; I will sign up for receiving the newsletter as well to see if it is interesting to me.

  5. koenhut says :

    Hi Colin! Nice idea of you to try bundling all the relevant information sources on IT and/or technology. In addition to your idea, it might be nice to get suggestions on technology that helps you saving and organizing (but nog suggesting) articles that you would like to read (later).

    How many times do you stumble upon an interesting article online or scrolling trough your timeline that you’d like to read but not right away. I do often. It would be nice to have an application available for both your laptop or Mac and the mobile device(s) of your choice and that synchronizes your reading list on all of them.

    I’ve been Googling it – of course – and the application seems to exist already – like with every good idea – and is called Pocket. I’m going to use it and will provide some feedback later during the course. Does anyone has some other nice suggestion(s)?


  6. colinvanlieshout says :

    Dear Koen, thank you for your useful contribution! Everyone probably knows that feeling, and later on you forget about what you promised yourself to read later on at a more convenient time.. I’m looking forward to your opinion on it!
    I really like the variance in the comments and suggestions, thank you for that!

  7. 437664ek says :

    Hi Colin and commenters on his post,

    Thanks for the sources you all provided to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the tech world. My time to contribute too 😉

    First of all I want to point out an other website to visit every now and then to stay up-to-date about the tech world:

    Second I want to point out the website and application: Feedly ( and check the App Store, Google Play Store or whatever). It is free of charge and allows you to structure your own newsfeed. You can add content to your Feedly newsfeed by checking the websites you like. TechCrunch, MacRumors, The Verge and some more are in their regarding technology. You can combine Tech news with feeds from other categories (Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Photography, etc) if you want. The content of your newsfeed is up to you.

    The button ‘save for later’ is available to read articles later on (even when you are offline I think).

    The downside of Feedly is that not all articles are plenary, but there will be a link to the website that published the article. In this way you can still read it entirely. At least Feedly is providing us a way to combine the news of all the website you like to follow. You can scroll through the headlines and read the ones you like.

    Looking forward for the feedback of Koen on Pocket. I will try that one if he is satisfied with it.

  8. Dennis Oliver Huisman says :

    If you can read and understand Dutch, is nice! Hope you enjoy it.

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