3 New Ways of Applying for a Job: How the job application is going online and continuing to evolve


How job applications have changed over the last decennia. When is the last time you have applied to a job by sending a copy of your resume to the company by offline mail? We are not that generation. Our generation is the digital, online generation. On the other hand, imagine the older generation, even that generation has to adjust to the new online standard. No longer only your resume counts as representation for your job qualifications, also your social media presence can be taken into account. Is this a good thing? Currently, you can not do much without a slick resume. Some even go as far as creating a creative template, create videos or go viral by posting their resume or motivation at the Facebook page of the company.

Here are some examples of people who have done an outstanding job on marketing themselves and becoming noticed by possible future employees. It should be noted that not all of them have received a job offer. So take a good look and learn, selectively.

This girl publicly applied for a job at the Facebook page of the concerning company.


Or create your own infographic, as 22 year old Katie Briggs did. A work of art created of her own resume. 


Have you already spotted this video (link)? A very cool job done of a job application through a YouTube video. Is this not what the digital era is all about?

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-17 om 11.59.10

These examples show that the days of good old job applications through merely your paper printed curriculum vitae are over, as well as that you have become your own personal brand. Currently, people have to market themselves in a highly competitive environment.

The digital revolution has come far and created many wonderful things, as connecting people globally by platforms as LinkedIn, Reddit and Facebook. Moreover, this is not the end. By far, this is not the end. This only seems to be the beginning. Perhaps in a few years from now we will apply for jobs not only through hearing and seeing each other, by using Skype for example, but also by touch and smell. Who knows.

What do you think is the future of job applications? Which online media are you already using for your job applications?
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3 responses to “3 New Ways of Applying for a Job: How the job application is going online and continuing to evolve”

  1. lhendrickx says :

    Thank you for this interesting blog post. I’m a parttime recruiter myself and I see the way recruitment changes every day. Personally, I think social media is a good addition to the traditional recruitment process. For companies it makes it easier and less time consuming to search for the right candidates for certain positions and for people that are applying it increases the informedness on the job market and simplifies the process. However, this digitalization increases the effectiveness of the application and recruitment process. I think that for a lot of people this new development is not beneficial. You see a lot of companies switching from face
    -to-face interviews to webcam recorded automated interviews. I believe for some people this might be beneficial but some people really need to have a face-to-face interview to leave a good impression. People that do not come across are filtered out by this way of recruiting, but could be the ideal person you are looking for as a company. They are simply not able to show their true talents in this way. Overall I think that the use of social media is great for the application and recruitment process. But I’m less positive about further digitalization of the recruitment process because it lacks face-to-face contact and real attention.

    SID: 345222lh

  2. 356859bb says :

    The job market is definitely changing and you make good points to where this market is probably headed. I really love the change from a more skilled CV to a more creative CV. There are so many personal characteristics that are impossible to find out when just looking at a paper CV. A year ago I had a ‘job interview’ at eBay. It started with sending a CV and a motivation letter, but after that I was invited to an online job interview. Not a Skype conversation you would expect, but a computer that gave me questions and I had 40 seconds to answer. At first I was appalled by this method, but I do understand the logic. You can see someone’s personality right away and you can see how people act under pressure. Off course the next step was a personal interview, but I do think this is where the job market is headed too. The future has so much to offer, so I can’t wait to see which method will be used at my next job interview.

  3. 366036rz says :

    I certainly agree with the fact the way we apply for jobs is changing. The amount of job interviews via video calls has risen. This could be beneficial for both parties. As an applicant you don’t have to travel all the way to the company and as a interviewer you don’t have to reserve a place to held the interview. This is cheaper and faster for both parties. But I think this also has a big disadvantage.
    Would you hire someone which you only spoke through a video channel? I think you still need to meet someone in person, before you get a good feeling about someone. Things like a good handshake are for some person really important.

    Also the way we find new jobs has changed over the past years. Companies no longer use only the traditional media to find new employees. Most of them have a special place on their website where they place vacancies. Besides, they also places messages on their social media channels if they have a new job. In our own environment, as a student, we can also see this on our Facebook page from Business Administration. Several recruiters placed open calls for new employees on that Facebook page. In that way, we see that companies are actively looking for students through social media.

    Personally, if I’m looking for new jobs I check the websites, Facebook pages and maybe even Twitter from several companies. Sometimes they place a message about a vacancy. I also think that LinkedIn could be a really good source of looking for a new job. With this platform you can build up a network of people and companies you’re interested in. So this might help you getting a new job.
    Finally, I think that socialmedia and the internet are becoming the new way in finding and applying for new jobs.


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