Pokémon Go

Pokémon is probably one of the first games everyone in our generation has played (on a Gameboy). The original game was created in 1995 by Satoshi Tajiri, and has been a great success selling 270 million games. The game started on a Gameboy, and has been turned into different versions for all Nintendo platforms and consoles, an anime television show, card games, comics, movies and magazines. And although it has been 20 years and most people have forgotten about all the fun they had playing this game, the creators of Pokémon didn’t forget about us. They teamed up with Niantic (developer of an augmented reality game called Ingress) and are putting their game in a very 2.0 or even 3.0 jacket, and with some help of new technologies are going to release this new and improved version of the game in 2016 for android and iOS.

As you can see in the video above, the creators of Pokémon Go have used augmented reality, to create a PokéWorld within our own. This enables you to actually walk out the door and start catching Pokémon. The game will probably be using GPS to determine where players are, what Pokémon are near them and what possible opponents are near them. You will use your smartphone’s camera to see the world around you, and the application will add an extra layer to reality, featuring your favourite game. Players can trade Pokémon with other players via their smartphones, and are able to fight each other. And although the game is going to be nowhere near as cool as the trailer, this entire new way of gaming gives a great view of the future of this branch, especially when combined with technologies like Google Glass, or the even better Microsoft Hololens.

The video has been watched more than fifteen million times since it was uploaded two weeks ago and has become a viral success. The game will also be accompanied by a wearable technology called Pokémon Go Plus, which will enable players to play, without having to look at their smartphone non-stop. It’s connected to the game via Bluetooth, and will let you know if a Pokémon is nearby. The device, which is shaped like a Pokéball, also lets you catch Pokémon and perform other simple tasks by pressing the button.

The game developer Niantic is looking to update the world of gaming with all new technologies that have become available, and are successfully looking for new ways of gameplay.

Sjoerd Poppelaars



4 responses to “Pokémon Go”

  1. yorickvanderiet says :

    What an awesome topic!

    This will probably bring back memories to every (guy) who had a television or Gameboy 20 years ago. I think augmented reality is great for informative purposes in the future, but even this isn’t feasible yet.

    Even when it will become feasible I don’t think that augmented reality should be used in crowded places for gaming purposes. There will probably be a lot of people who get sucked into the game and won’t watch out for traffic etcetera. Maybe the creators could make certain playing areas. Then the traditional swing and slide could disappear and make room for augmented reality game places or something like that.

  2. 352591pz says :


    Great post about this awesome new advancement in the Pokemon Game Series. I really enjoyed reading your post but what I enjoyed even more was watching the advertisement. The sheer brilliance by which this advertisement emphasizes sociality, enthusiasm, and joyfulnes really caught my attention and interest. The brilliance lies in the fact that I believe that through this advertisement have made the game so much more appealing than it actually is, because the idea is actually quite simple: a online game in which you can compete and interact with other players. The way they used different kinds of people; young, old, different ethnicity and different life styles (sporty-type, working-type etc.) really made the game appeal to a whole range of people, not just the gaming type (which most people would Pokemon would target). The social aspect that has been displayed in this ad, by having everyone come together and trading Pokemon’s and eventually joining for an ultimate battle at Times Square really has helped the fact that it is more than just a game, it is a kind of social media platform within a game. This aspect is further enhanced by the enthusiasm of the people in the ad together with the joyful. The way that they have incorporated the virtual Pokemon characters in the real world is both attractive and mesmerizing.
    I would like to praise the Pokemon Marketing Division by creating such an intriguing ad that I think can really help in bonding new consumers to the game. Because although this ad is really good, having read the descriptions of the game on different websites I am still in doubt about whether or not this game is going to be successful and thereby become a “game changer”.

    Philip van Zadelhoff

    • 361339sp says :

      Hi Philip,

      Thanks for taking the time to read my post! I agree with you that the advertisement is awesome, and probably way too awesome. But if you imagine combining this with technologies like the microsoft hololens ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpXVuRulSHw ), maybe future generations will play the way the advertisements tries to sell it.


      • babetvdgiesen says :

        Reading this great blog makes bring back the memories of the good old days, playing Pokémon on my GameBoy Collar and exchanging cards at the schoolyard. All of us have grown up with Pokémon, but I do wonder if the youth nowadays appreciate it as we loved and still love Pokémon back then. This because there is so much more available/choice on the market today than the time we grew up.

        I would like to comment on the social and the safety part of the new game as Yorick and Philip mentioned. Because of the digital transformation children play less outside, they rather play inside with their IPad, smartphone or gaming machine. Because of this new innovative game, children will go outside, but still it is quite different than the way we used to play outside, playing hide and seek for example. In Pokémon Go you communicate through the game, it is a kind of social media platform within a game as said earlier. I think this isn’t good for the social developing of the children and it can be very dangerous and stimulate reckless behaviour if they would play the game and run across the streets without watching properly.

        Nowadays everyone looks every 5 minutes on their smartphone, this makes me wonder how people will walk across the streets in 5 years from now and in the future. Will everyone walk with games like as Pokémon Go, Google glasses or the Microsoft HoloLens? I wonder what will happen to the ‘normal’ social skills, will the future of communication be trough glasses and technology’s like these?

        Babet van der Giesen

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