Fastned: building the world’s first network of fast charging stations where all electric cars can charge

The auto industry is rapidly changing. Electric Vehicles are the future. At this moment 62,287 registered electric vehicles are driving on the road, but the development of the growth is exponential (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland, 2015).

Development of registered electric vehicles in the Netherlands

According to the strategy firm Roland Berger (2015) 50% of the cars will be using traditional engines with gasoline or diesel in 2025. The other 50% will be either electric (EV) or hybrid vehicles. AON (2010), a financial service provider, reported that there are 8 million registered cars in the Netherlands, an easy calculation states that there will be at least 4 million registered electric or hybrid vehicles by 2025 driving on the Dutch road.


Fastned is trying to respond to this rapid change in the automobile industry by building a network of fast charging stations along the Dutch highway with national coverage. They are building the infrastructure that is necessary to fast charge all the electric vehicles.

They state that: only when this infrastructure is in place, the driver of an electric car will experience true freedom. This will start the electric revolution.

Currently they are building one new fast charging station per week and they already have a basic national network of stations in place. Ultimately, they will open 201 charging stations through the Netherlands. They designed their stations in a way that is compatible with frequent hardware and software updates. By doing this they can ensure that their stations will be usable in the future.

With an app it is possible to not only charge your car but also pay for it. Besides that you can check your charging history and change your plan and payment method.

As from yesterday (September 22, 2015) Fastned is cooperating with Nissan by giving buyers of the Nissan Leaf two years of free supercharging. With this cooperation drivers can easily charge their vehicles unlimited in a fast way. According to Michiel Langezaal (CEO, Fastned) this cooperation is a very logic step, and is actually the same as with mobile phones. When you buy a mobile phone you will also subscribe to a telecom provider in order to actually call. Will this be the future for buyers of electric vehicles? And will these kind of stimulations encourage consumers to buy an electric vehicle more faster than a regular vehicle?

Are the Dutch ready for the exponential growth in electric vehicles by incorporating the Fastned charging stations throughout the country or need they start to think of other ways to cope with this growth? What do you think should these ‘other ways’ be?



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