TrackR. Your Search is Over!


Everyone has had a moment or multiple moments in their life where they cannot find their phone, keys, bike, or their bag. We, humans, spend 10 minutes every day searching for lost items such as keys, books or/and phones ( On average the human being spends 3,680 hours (or 153 days) of their life searching for lost items ( Especially in today’s world where managing your time is very important it can be disastrous to loose 10 minutes of every day. Not only do you loose time when you have to search for lost items, the stress level rises and the mood changes as well. Once at the office or school or wherever it is you need to go, your mood will effect others around you thus creating an unpleasant atmosphere.

However, thankfully there is a very small (literally) solution to this problem. TrackR is the solution: it is a small round, flat, coin-like device that can be attached to anything; from your wallet to your phone, to your laptop, bike, car, and bag. It works very easily, all you have to do is download the TrackR app which is compatible for both Android and Apple smartphones and you of course need to purchase the small TrackR device. You attach the device to anything you find valuable, lets take for example your keys. You link your TrackR device with your app and then it is ready for use. Once you loose your keys you can open the app on your smartphone and it will show you exactly (through the GPS tracking system) where your keys are, and if you want you can even make the device generate noise to make your search even simpler.


Not only can you generate noise through the device you can also alert other TrackR users of a lost item, and then when one of these users is within 100 meters of the lost item he/she will get a signal that the item is very close by. This way you let others do your search for you while you patiently wait at home or at the office.

The idea is very simple and I know you are wondering why there isn’t anyone else around who has thought of this idea, but there is. Tile is a competitor of TrackR and basically it has the same functions, however there is one major difference between the two, a difference which I think makes TrackR even more unique. The difference lies in the fact that if you have found the lost item through the app and you loose your phone in the process of finding the lost item, you can press the TrackR device attached to the lost item and it will make the phone generate noise to make it easier to find it, even when it is on silent mode. So you can find two things with just one simple device, it works both ways!

So stop spending time trying to find your phone, keys, bag, laptops etc. and be able to hit that snooze button that one extra time on your alarm clock.


Philip van Zadelhoff (352591pz)


5 responses to “TrackR. Your Search is Over!”

  1. deikem says :

    Interesting post and interesting product. The only thing that I find challenging with TrackR is the fact that it uses GPS to locate the lost item. When I loose my keys for instance I am mostly indoors and my keys will be indoors as well. However, seeing that the system is using GPS to locate your device it is questionable whether the App will actually be able to detect the lost item as precisely since GPS is known to have problems with precision indoors. So why not use BLE technology instead for the items that usually are within a 100 meter reach like keys, bikes or phones?

    • 352591pz says :

      Yes you are right, I believe that is a disadvantage of this tracking device, however do remember that when it is so close to you you will hear the beeping noise that the TrackR will make, therefore making your search easier.

  2. 376833ml says :

    Hi Philip, interesting topic! I myself also lose my items a lot so therefore it was an interesting read and I thought to myself that this is an application that I could use in my life.
    I think it’s a problem that a lot of people deal with, yet noone around me really cares to bother with actually solving the problem by using an application such as this one. Why is this? I would say it’s because of the (small) complications that come with using this that make me hesitate to actually use it. For example, in what range can it be used, and will the supposedly “coin-shaped” tracker be sticking out in my wallet, and will the noise generation of the tracker be loud enough to be heard?
    I’m curious about whether the developments of such applications will be able to grow even more with new technologies coming up. When these items become more common and accurate I would definitely give it a try!

  3. sjaakmeeuwsen says :

    Accidentally, I read an article about an app that you can use to find your bike back. It’s recently developed by an Informatics student of the University of Amsterdam. The problem, where also the last commenter talked about, is why not so many people use something like a TrackR. He/she used examples of performance uncertainties and the size of the ‘coin shaped tracker’. I think the app is a good alternative for people who aren’t convinced enough to actually buy something like a TrackR, but still want to try something that can help finding their stuff back. The app is for free and (of course) you don’t get something physical with it that you have to deal with.

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