Changing your own grades?

Hacking a computer by just inserting an USB stick? Yes it is possible. If you have some spare time please watch this documentary (Dutch) to keep yourself protected from hackers.

This documentary is unfortunately only available in Dutch, but no worries I will summarize the context. The video shows how easy it is to change your own school grade by hacking the computer of the teacher. By simply inserting an USB stick with malware into your teachers computers you can possibly gain access to all of their personal information. In this video the hackers are trying to steal login passwords for the grade system Magister. By handing out free USB sticks to teachers with information about stress reduction, the hackers succeed in stealing personal information. The human species is very curious , that is why hackers will always find a way to hack a system. The school system might be secured against hackers from the outside, but the teachers still lack knowledge of the potential threats nearby. You might assume that teachers are aware by these threats nowadays, but I have seen Erasmus University professors that are not fully up-to-date of the potential threats. Just think about it, how hard is it for you to insert a USB stick into the teachers computer? I personally do not think it is that hard. I recently had to give a presentation in front of a class, without any problem I inserted an USB stick into the professors laptop. Luckily this USB stick only contained a power presentation, but what if it contained a virus?

Warning: Don’t hack your teachers computer, it could get you kicked out of school.

It is very hard to avoid this USB hack, because everyone uses USB sticks nowadays. It is not only hard for individuals but also for companies to deal with this problem. Changing your own grades has a relatively small impact compared to the famous malware Stuxnet, this computer worm disrupted Iran’s nuclear program via an USB stick. The virus delayed the nuclear program for a couple of years and more than 16.000 computers were infected with the virus. Some military organizations nowadays have closed all their USB ports with glue to close out all potential USB threats (Brandon , n.a.).


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