Advertising is getting increasingly smarter…. and mobile.

Despite being so prevalent in our daily lives now, mobile phones continue to pose a challenge for advertisers to tackle. Mobile phone usage has surpassed desktop usage since 2014, and adults now (in the US) spend over 51% of their time online through mobile now – averaging 2.8 hours each day (1).  Forresters research suggests that 29 percent of all  online sales were generated from mobile in 2014, up 8 percent the year before. However, mobile advertising is still fragmented and has failed to find its home on our smartphones. So far this year, advertisers have spent $69 billion on mobile ads without much success in getting users to purchase on mobile devices. (2)

mobile ads

Quixey is approaching this challenge with a new lens: rather than displaying premade, targeted ads, they generate real time sales offers from different apps. An example of this would be if a user was browsing an article about a sports team, Quixey would display a real time offer for ticket sales from a variety of apps, even if the user hasn’t downloaded them. This real time, dynamic advertising has real potential to give users offers they care about since they are actively reading about them.

With the app economy booming like never before, this poses a great source for advertisers to extract the right data from within our phones to make the right kind of offer to us. To put it in perspective, there have been over 200 billion app downloads since 2008 from multiple app stores, 100 billion alone from 2013 (1).Google is working on similar technology (2) on what it calls app indexing, which it says looks inside apps and extracts useful information to generate ads.

While not the perfect answer to a difficult question, app extraction could very well be the way of the future for how we see those annoying offers pop up on our phones, however there may be a few good ones that make their way through.






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