Customer Centricity in a Digital World

In this blog, we will take a look at how the digital world is having an impact on the consumer of today. What are the characteristics of the modern consumer? Consumer behavior changed, and is changing, drastically over the past few years. There might be more characteristics, or others, than I mention, but these are clearly visible.


1. Personalized products and services

Personalizing products is one of the important features of the modern consumer. These days, the perfect and ideal segment size is 1. We are moving towards a situation where everyone has their own services and products. And more and more companies are meeting that need.

For example: the company called ‘Normal’, form New York ( They produce personalized earphones, different for each customer. What you need to do is pretty simple: you take 5 pictures from your ear, and based on that pictures the company makes custom-made earphones, just for you. They are made in their shop, and your package is adjusted by a 3D-printer, so that your earphones fit perfectly.

2. Fast and easy

Everything has to be fast and easy for the consumer these days. Speed and simplicity is the new base for customer loyalty. If a product or service is not easy enough, than consumers would no longer consume. All new interfaces (with the help of IT applications) makes life easier. Companies that are not born in the digital world, often have difficulty with this aspect. Their succes criteria are still more like ‘complete and perfect’. This will make their product or service big and complex, and customers don’t love that. Extreme simplicity is crucial for the modern consumer.

3. Personal approach

Empathy, passion and creativity are difficult aspects for a computer. However, these (human) aspects are of great value for consumers. Honest human interaction is still appreciated and requested.

4. Awesome companies to buy from

Consumers want to link themselves with cool companies. Companies that go further than only delivering products or services. They typically have a vision that will change the world, in their opinion. For example: Apple, Google, Tesla, Coolblue. Consumers like to buy from them.


Conclusion: It’s about digital ánd human skills. When you, as a company, are good at data, user interfaces and simplicty, but also at personalization, story-telling and attitude, you have much potential! (check slideshare link for interesting LinkedIN slideshare about this subject!)

Harm-Jan Rijneveld




One response to “Customer Centricity in a Digital World”

  1. 370681pd says :

    Thank you for sharing this blog post with us! I think this is an interesting topic to have a focus on. I believe that the aspects you wrote about in your blog are important in the world we are living now. It is a hot topic, and actually crucial to keep these characteristics in mind when one wants to start a business. When disregarding these points, it can mean the end of the life of your work even before you start your business. Maybe this sounds a bit exaggerated, but I think this is possible to happen in such a situation. If someone wants to be a successful entrepreneur, he or she shall focus on these aspects because they currently lead the market.
    On the other hand, it looks like that we, consumers, want everything at once. It seems we are living in a perfect world and we just demand any desired thing from the suppliers (the companies). I believe as long as companies succeed in delivering the desired products and services, the wishes of the consumers will never stop. And actually, I am curious how far we as consumers can go with our desires.

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