Have you also looked for an alternative to Spotify or Pandora?

There you are, sitting in front of your computer, trying to study while listening to Spotify in order to boost your productivity. You are tired of the ads in Spotify, but do not want to pay any subscription fee, because yes, you think listening to music online should be free. In this context, you also avoid paying for downloads on ITunes, because it’s simply too costly to spend a dollar on every song you would like to have on your desktop. If that is the case and you do not want to let neither ITunes nor Spotify off the hook, then I might have a solution for you.

In fact, music is a significant part of the emerging evolution of digital goods and several trends nowadays seem to differentiate between key players. One of them, crucial for the online music market, is that users tend to favor subscription and usage fees over buying. Hence, the ITunes store is likely to experience a downward shifting over the next couple of years. What’s more, customers expect to have access to their goods, in this case songs or playlists, on all of their devices, as – we all know it – the usage of mobile devices is increasing tremendously. And there’s a couple more trends that appear for digital goods in the next years, but what has this all got to do with Spotify?

In fact, there is an alternative for Spotify users that incorporates these trends. Even though it does not possess the exact same strategy as Spotify, if you are tired of the latter, you should give it a go. I am talking about a tool called 8tracks. Based on Napster and also available on tablets and smartphones, 8tracks is an online music social media platform (“the social alternative to Pandora”) that fosters interaction, creativity and enables people to listen to and upload music playlists. One disadvantage of other online music marketplaces like Spotify is the fact that once you have put the music you know in a playlist, you are kind of stuck. Here is where 8tracks comes in, because its greatest strength is that enables users to successfully seek for new music variety, depending on their genre, mood, activity or location. Whether it might be the running playlist you were looking for that includes dubstep, or the study playlist that offers instrumental deep house, you will find it on 8tracks.

Even though the website contains a couple of drawbacks, i.e. you cannot skip tracks more than without causing a playlist change, it offers an outstanding music and playlist variety that you can, similar to Facebook, “like” in order to save on your account and to listen to it again. Further, the website efficiently uses ratings and word-of-mouth, enabling their users to observe how many people have liked a playlist or what comments have been posted. Even more, 8tracks, taking advantage of big data, provides its users with playlist recommendations based on their listening history, leading to 5 million users worldwide at this point.

What do you think about this application folks? I have been using it for two years and am still amazed by the tremendous variety and the great user talent to create playlists. Here is a short video how it works.

Author: Hugo Krier





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