The Window Socket: will it work??

Sunlight, we all know that the future of our energy source lies within the sun. We have already started developing and implementing new ways of generating electricity from the sun through for example Solar Panels. However these panels take up a lot of room and are very expensive to install, not to mention the fact that these panels give power to huge electricity units such as houses and cars. However we, as modern day people, can struggle with a shortage of electricity on much smaller items as well, such as phones, camera’s, flashlights etc. You don’t always have a charger with you and definitely not a charger that runs on sunlight, well here is a solution, it is called the Window Socket.


It is a small socket that has on one side a electricity plug in entry and on the other side a small solar panel. You use it by sticking this socket (using the suction pad situated around the solar panel) on a window of your house or on your car for example. The solar panel then collects sunlight and turns it into energy/electricity which then allows you to use it as a power source for your phone or some other item that is in need of electricity. Not only does it transform sunlight into electricity it can also store it for up to 10 hours of electricity when it is fully charged (which takes about 5-6 hours), this way you can take it with you and use it when you are away from home.



This seems like the perfect solution, however there is one important characteristic that I’ve have been hiding from you guys, and that is that this is an idea, it hasn’t been transformed into a real product. The reason that this is still a concept and not an actual product is due to the fact that there quite a few problems concerning the process of attracting and generating the sunlight into electricity. There are many critics who have brought up some serious concerns regarding the size of the Window Socket. One such a critic is Chris Clarke, in an online article he wrote he states that this product isn’t able to work because of its size. According to Clarke the Socket is much too small to create enough energy to completely charge a phone, “50 square centimeters of photovoltaic surface,…, maximum power output of the PV cells drops to 1 watt” ( Another problem is that the 1 watt is the absolute maximum amount of electricity the Window Socket can produce when it is in direct sight of the sun for up to 5-6 hours. Five to six hours is a long time, and the chance that a window stays in the sun for so long is short, not to mention the fact that it has to be a clear sky day, with absolutely no clouds at all. According to Clarke the window will also absorb light and therefore make it even harder for the Window Socket to charge fully. Just for clarity reasons, a toothbrush requires 5 watt, so with 1 watt it is almost impossible to charge a phone completely.

There are thus some flaws that have require some attention, and I personally think it is going to take a while before the ultimate solution is created, however I am very much impressed by this idea and personally I think, with some changes here and there the Window Socket could become a success. But I want to know from you guys the following: 1) do YOU think this can be success and if yes, then 2) how can you tackle these problems to make it become a success? I am eager to here your thoughts.


Philip van Zadelhoff




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