PlayStation, School or Girlfriend?

Girls, I am sorry, usually the answer that you are going to receive is… PlayStation.  It will always be the newest game, the coolest game, the most involving story, the friend who asked to play together, more important than the studies, the girlfriend, even the food (in some extraordinary cases). But studies show that actually video games are even a better learning tool and endorphin sources.

According to BBC article “Can video games be good for you?” actually it is scientifically proven that video games affect and improve some parts of gamer’s brain. The results of the study show that gaming improves the hand-eye coordination (as players respond quickly to the action happening on the screen), orientation and spatial navigation (since they interact in a virtual worlds, or few virtual worlds), planning and organization, and even visual activity that tends to get worst with time tends to be improving with the more games played.

It turns out that video games can train our brains, and help us improve. And although it sounds strange, it is logical to some extent. An example is a Dutch doctor – Henk ten Cate Hoedemaker , who even developed a game (Underground) to help keyhole surgeons. The game itself is an underground world where the gamer must escape from “by solving puzzles that require basic laparoscopic skills, cognitive skills and problem-solving skills”.

Overall gaming industry is huge, with 1.2 billion people playing video games worldwide, with an average age of 37 (increasing).  Although general approach to gamers is not good, and non-gamers cannot really understand what is it so special about the video games, actually they have a lot of pros. Aside the learning and brain training effect they have, video games also provide gamers with bigger self-esteem, the feeling of being part of a team, and can even help with depression.

Video games shape the more productive, skillful and happy people, whose presence we may enjoy, of course, after they finish their game. So , be patient and respect the virtual world of the gamer, because not understanding it, does not mean it is necessarily bad.

Author: Ekaterina Marinova

SID: 436554



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