Technology of the week: 9292 versus NS Reisplanner

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In this report you will find a comparison between the two most well-known apps for travel advice of public transportation in the Netherlands. This is travel information system of REISinformatiegroep called 9292 and the app of NS called Reisplanner Xtra. These systems are being used for personalised travel information and suggested routes. The 9292 and Reisplanner apps do have some different strengths and weaknesses. A strength of 9292 is their new partnership with Google (9292, 2013). Google Maps has an option to provide customers with travel advice, which is actually taken from 9292. A strength of NS is that they are the dominant player in the public transportation industry in Holland.

The first weakness of 9292 is their dependency on their partners to provide them with information and funding. If the partnerships become unstable at any point, this could have big implications on the future of 9292. The first weakness of NS is that their door-to-door option of their app is based on an API with 9292. This also makes them highly reliable on 9292.

The opportunities and threats for 9292 and NS are quite similar, as these apps are very much alike. They both have the opportunity for an app expansion. However, the focus of expansion would be different for both apps. 9292 should focus more on expanding abroad, as they already have a lot of valuable connections and this could make them stronger in the market while increasing their revenue. The NS app should focus more on expanding by offering more internal services through their app, as they have a lot to offer and this could also increase their revenue.

The main threat for 9292 are new initiatives by partners who also make their own app. NS’ Reisplanner is one example and this could have implications of the popularity of 9292. Also because it is possible for partners to have more accurate information than 9292. A threat for NS would be a lack of focus on their travel app. It can already be seen that they are often not the first mover in competing with 9292, resulting in a dependency on 9292. They should stay alert and not miss out on new developments to improve their app.

Team 37:

344159 P.J. Van Dieren

344206 D. Wijtman

348823 R.L. Spaans

360162 J. van Duijn

441788 N.A. Huisman


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