Will this be the comeback of BlackBerry?


Once the business world was dominated by the smartphones of BlackBerry, because of its great functionality and security. Countless businesses handed out BlackBerrys to its workers and many politicians possesed a BlackBerry. That all changed when Apple and Android enterred the market. It went from a 47% market share in 2009 to a dissapointing 2.1% market share in 2013. In addition, its market value dropped from 55billion US Dollar in 2008 to 4.6billion US Dollar in 2013. They tried to regain their market share by introducing new phones and even introduce a tablet, but BlackBerry was not able to compete with the iPhones and the Android phones. But this might change again. Last month the CEO of BlackBerry announced that BlackBerry will release a new phone WITH Android as its operating system. Will this be the comeback where BlackBerry was waiting for?

A major problem for BlackBerry was that Apple marketed its iPhones directly to consumers instead of the businesses. It had a trendy design, it had user a friendly operating system and apps. After a while people weren’t using their iPhones or Android phones solely for their personal life, they were bringing it to work as well. As a result, employees demanded the iPhone instead of the BlackBerry. Android followed Apple and became very popular under consumers as well. From that moment BlackBerry lost its marketshare in the business world and was not able to compete with Apple and Android in the consumer market.

Another reason, was its own operating system, BlackBerry 10. This operating system was not able to compete with the amount of apps which were made for iOS and Android. For many developers BlackBerry was not a priority as BlackBerry was designed for businesses. Therefore, many apps were not available or became available years after the apps were made for iOS or Android.Artikel_BlackBerryPriv

BlackBerry Priv

With the announcement of the new BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry tries to compete again in the smartphone market. As we are familiar with BlackBerry, it will differentiate its phone with extra security features (BlackBerry Priv is derived from Privacy). BlackBerry has added their own security apps to their device, such as BlackBerry Safeguard. Furthermore, the BlackBerry Priv has a full-QWERTY keyboard in order to make e-mailing and texting easier. In addition, it will add its own BBM apps, such as Calendar, Tasks and Notes. As mentioned before, the BlackBerry Priv will run on the operating system of Android. This tackles the problem that there weren’t enough apps for the BlackBerry.

It looks like BlackBerry tries to regain its marketshare in the business world via the consumer market. As Apple and Android had many issues concerning privacy and security, BlackBerry anticipates on this to release a phone with its own security features. In addition, they want to reintroduce its features which were very popular for the business world, such as its security features, QWERTY keyboard and its own BBM apps. With its Android operating system, they want to win the customers as it does not have the problem of the lack of apps. Will this be enough to compete with Apple and Android? Will this be the comeback of BlackBerry? Will Obama switch back to Blackberry?





2 responses to “Will this be the comeback of BlackBerry?”

  1. 367347hl says :

    Thanks for sharing this interesting topic!

    Although BlackBerry accounts for less than 1% market share in the worldwide smartphone market, in most people’s mind, BlackBerry is the symbol of safety. Nowadays, many of the enterprises and government customers still choose blackberry as their first option. In December 2013, BlackBerry announced a loss of 5 billion dollars in earnings, according to the analyst, the part of BlackBerry that was responsible for the enormously amount of write-downs was also the same part that was generating most of its income. The failure of BB10 (800,000 in the most recent quarter) will be blown up, once the sales of old BBOS7-based BlackBerry dried up.

    From my point of view, the BlackBerry Priv will be a new dawn for Blackberry.
    Firstly, lack of diversity in mobile apps on BlackBerry operating system would be one of the biggest problems. Using Android would solve this key issue and provide more consumer apps on BlackBerry phones. Secondly, the BlackBerry Priv concatenates the higher security and productivity to the Android platform which has wide range of mobile applications. With this joint force, the new BlacBerry Priv will offer best in class security for enterprise customers who are the main target audience of BlackBerry.

    However, there are several potential problems that BlackBerry is facing with. Since BlackBerry is compatible with Android operating system, RIM needs to provide both technology support and marketing promotion for BlackBerry OS and Android platform. This will undoubtedly raise operating costs. Moreover, unlike all previous BlackBerry phones, the Priv is now running a third party platform—Android platform. According to the analyst, BlackBerry is able to fix the problem once there is security flaw on Android platform, which means BlackBerry has competitiveness in security perspective. However, there is no sufficient evidence to prove that BlackBerry has capability to handle all the problems come forth on Android Platform, since the safety of BlackBerry is based on its own operating system. If BlackBerry cannot solve the security issues appear on Android platform, it will ruin BlackBerry brand image.


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  2. evavanbaarle says :

    As I was once a big fan of Blackberry, I am glad to see that Blackberry is taking another chance to gain back their position in the phone industry. Even though it was originally meant for the business industry, around 8 years ago, most of my classmates at high school, including me, were part of the Blackberry community. Because Android was not even in the picture at that time as I believe, gradually two sides came into existence, namely the Blackberry clan and the iPhone clan. A Blackberry was really cool as you had Blackberry messenger and did not need to use SMS any longer. However, as with the launch of the iPhone 3G and whatsapp, there was a shift between the users of the two groups. Blackberry stayed indeed behind on the possibility to download the newest applications, most of the people I know switched to iPhone, which was the start of the destruction of Blackberry.

    There will be many thresholds on the road for Blackberry to become one of the big players in the market again. I think that due to the facts you describe, that Blackberry want to differentiate itself on security and features, there will be a chance that they can stand out. However, I believe that the majority of people is very hard to convince when they have a product that they used to. I never switched again after I switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone, so it will be a hard, but interesting challenge!

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