Happy Snapday!

The fast growing company Snapchat was celebrating its fourth birthday last month. And what is the best way to celebrate it? Of course by adding some new features. Snapchat is famous for changing the ways of photographs. You just simply make a picture or video, set the time that the picture will be shown and send it to your dear friends. You also have the option to upload the picture or video on your ‘Story’ and display it to everyone for 24 hours. The feature ‘Story’ has become very popular among the teens to follow their favorite celebrity.

At first, Snapchat had to gain customers by offering their application for free. But eventually they had to make some profits as every other company. So at the beginning of 2015, they added the feature ‘Discover’. This feature began to earn advertising revenue for the company with ad partners such as People, CNN and Daily Mail. Advertisements are estimated to be worth between ten to fifteen cents per view. Additionally, these advertisements are roughly viewed 500,000 to 1,000,000 times a day. Resulting in Snapchat’s first profitable interface feature.


But obviously, Snapchat wants to become bigger. So for its fourth birthday they added three features. The first feature is called ‘Lenses’, it enhances selfies by recognizing the facial structure and then choosing one of the filters. These filters can distort your face, make you look older or adding some sounds and animations. The second feature is called ‘Trophies’, this turned Snapchat into a game by granting users virtual rewards and stickers if they fulfill a task. The last feature is ‘Paid Replays’, users were allowed to replay one snap a day from their list. With this new feature, users are able to replay three snaps. However, these three snaps are only available when you pay $0,99. This results into Snapchat’s first attempt at in-app purchases and it could be a major tool to increase revenues. Unfortunately, the last two features are currently only available in the U.S. What do you guys think of these new features? Are you having fun with making silly faces and do you want the last two features to become available in the Netherlands?





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