Macbook Users Attention: OS X El Capitan is Here

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Macbook users, did you know that the newest version of OS X is already available for download on 30 September? Are you still unsure whether to update it or not? Here is something you would like to know before you upgrade.


Honestly, this update of OS X is not a real breakthrough, rather a more routine refining of Yosemite. It mainly improved user experience in some details. Five major changes are:

  1. Split View



This is ranked as the first major change in this new OS X. Now users can arrange two windows under the full screen mode. To enter the Split View, you simply long click the green button on the left up corner. Then it will enter the full screen Split View mode and let you select another opened window to fill in the other half.


Honestly, the long click seems not an intuitive gesture for myself. The function will be very useful for users who need to multitask or need to refer to one window to work on another. However, for users who are not big fun of full screen mode, this new function will be rarely used. And there are already plug-ins that can realize a very similar effect, but not in a full screen mode.

In one word, Split View would be a good reason to upgrade for users who love full screen mode.

  1. New Layout in Mission Control

Another big change is in the layout of Mission Control. In previous OS X, windows of same application will be categorized and overlap with each other. Now, every single window is spread over the screen, with No overlapping, like this


It is hard to say if it is a good or bad move. It can a disaster for users who love to keep a lot of windows open at the same time (like me, never close a pdf in preview). It may take time for users to get used to the change.

  1. More powerful Notes

Finally, Notes can be a fast text editing tool, not only a plain text editor any more. Now you can have pictures, bullet points, and checklist. Maybe it is a move towards merging the Notes and Reminder.


  1. A better graphical experience

Apple claims to have a new graphic technology called Metal and it makes the graphic experience better and faster. It is a good news, especially for basic users like myself, who use mostly browser and PDF reader everyday.



  1. Something Else

Some other features include minor new functions in Safari, link to third party editing tool in Photos, improvements in Maps, better input methods for Chinese and Japanese. Apple also claim to have a better overall performance since they optimize their system to work more efficiently.


After all, OS X El Capitan worked more optimizing the details instead of making breakthroughs. There is no feature that enables a further collaboration with mobile devices this time, which I would say is quite disappointing. There is no big incentive to upgrade right away. But since it is only 6GB to download, maybe you will do this in some random afternoon break. It does not hurt right?


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7 responses to “Macbook Users Attention: OS X El Capitan is Here”

  1. barbarajepma says :

    Thanks for this really nice post! I have recently downloaded the newest version of OS X. Not all updates were clear to me so it was good to have summary of all major changes. Therefor I would like to share my opinion on these changes.

    At first, Split view is very useful in my opinion. The new update made the use of multiple programs at once a lot easier then the dragging around of screens in earlier versions. However, I agree that the long click gesture is not intuitive at all, I did not find out about this option myself. Even though Apple has been experimenting with their multi-touch pad this long-click gesture is completely new to the system. (, 2015)

    In my opinion the new Mission Control is a very bad move. Whenever I use Mission Control I use it to get overview, to structure all documents that I have opened simultaneously. The old version of Mission control structured all open windows very well, even though windows from the same program were overlapping they were easy to recognize. The new version in El Capitan does not structure all windows open but only creates chaos in my opinion. I would prefer Apple to replace this function with the old one in the next update.

    The new notes is something I am very positive about. With the old version I hardly used nots on my laptop, only on my iPhone for lists or little reminders. The new version encourages users to synchronize the notes of their phones with their laptop to work out and elaborate on quick notes made on the iPhone.

    As you state “Apple claims to have a new graphic technology. In my opinion this is one of the feature Apple has “claimed” to add but which I have not experienced yet. Besides, this feature does not appear very value adding to me.

    In conclusion I can say that I am positive about Apple’s newest version of OS X, El Capitan. The overall overview and minor changes give the system a nice and fancy look and give the feeling that the old version has been optimized. Furthermore, I am very happy with the new version of notes and the possibilities in Split view. How ever I truly hope that Apple will return mission Control to it’s old state.

    References:, (2015). Mac Basics: Multi-Touch gestures – Apple Support. [online] Available at: [Accessed 7 Oct. 2015].

    • 439301cl says :

      Thanks for your comment! Totally agree with your opinion about Mission Control, hard to find anything since i keep a lot of window open at the same time. I started to Notes not long ago and only occasionally for quick note taking. The upgrade will really me to use the Notes more frequently.

      For me I find the scroll up and down when view webpage and pdf file is smoother. It may be because of the improvement in graphic performance. Although the scrolling of big Excel files is still terrible…

      I’m really glad to see your comment! Nice day!

  2. 352591pz says :

    Great post! I am a big apple user, i have multiple devices which I all love. The only thing is that my macbook quite old is (4/5years) and thus its quite slow. I was debating whether or not to download the new version as I thought that the update would make my computer even slower. However, now that I have read this post and seeing that it only takes up 6mb of my space, why not? There aren’t that many important changes, maybe the split screen is quite handy, but the rest I don’t really find that intriguing. What I did notice though: I was sitting next a friend of mine today who installed the update however it took a full hour for it to complete, and a person behind me at the time also said he had the same wait time. I find that quite remarkable that for an update this small the load time is so long, do you have any idea why?

    Kind regards,
    Philip van Zadelhoff

    • 439301cl says :

      Hi Philip! Thanks for your question. The update is 6GB, not 6MB. I think you made a mistake when reading it.

      Regarding whether to update on old Mac, I think this article could help you a little:
      ‘And 10.11 does feel as snappy as promised. My review was completed on a 2012 MacBook Air with a Core i5 processor and four gigabytes of RAM — far from cutting edge hardware. Despite that, El Capitan ran like a champ. Documents and applications open within a few seconds, and animations look smooth, though OS X still suffers from occasional graphical hitches during its most elaborate transitions. That’s a problem even the quickest Mac can’t dodge.’

      Link to the original article:

      I think it should work fine if you have updated to Yosemite and it works fine on you Macbook.

      Hope it helps!

  3. tlangenberg says :

    Thanks for your interesting post about El Capitan! Since I’m a MacBook user myself, I definitely want to update. But I’m facing the following challenge: Microsoft Office seems to crash a lot while using El Capitan. As mentioned by Microsoft:

    – “We know that some users may be experiencing issues with Office 2016 for Mac running on El Capitan, We are actively investigating the matter with Apple. Until there is a fix, we recommend people install the latest updates to Office 2016 for Mac using Microsoft AutoUpdate.”[1] In other words, Microsoft does not have a solution for this problem yet.

    A lot of people argue about the fact whether it should be Apple or Microsoft working on a bug fix. Personally I think it’s up to Microsoft to fix this problem as soon as possible since Apple does have substitutes for the entire Office suit (which are working perfectly fine on El Capitan) and Microsoft want to keep its Mac users. Do you agree on this? And do you think I should wait for the bug fix before updating to El Capitan?


    • 439301cl says :

      Hi! Thanks for noticing that! And I can tell you that the Outlook crash is true! After 3 days using El Capitan, I don’t feel any particular difference from Yosemite. But the crash of Outlook is sooooo annoying! I would say you definitely need to wait for a bug fix if you use Outlook instead of Mails by Apple. (I am a Outlook user)

  4. 345268sa says :

    Nice post! It is pretty accurate for me since I just recently updated to OS X El Capitan. Not because of the new features where I knew nothing from till I read your post. So thank you for that.

    The reason behind my update was because after 3 years I decided to switch from an iOs platform mobile device (iPhone 5S) to an Android platform mobile device (Samsung S6 Edge Plus). One of the advantages of a Samsung device compared to the Apple is how to synchronize files to your mobile. The whole iTunes is working on my nerves, so I was quite happy that this would be easier.
    And yes……My MacBook Air refused to recognize the device, even after installing the Android File Transfer software. Which even frustrated me more.

    The competition between this operating systems is fierce and they start rewarding if you are switching from platforms as costumer.

    I felt like I was in the middle of the battle between iOs/Apple and Android/Samsung. I might want to switch back to a Windows laptop, and get a reward for it too!

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