The top 10 Google searches for Syrian refugees


Syrian refugees search terms [1]

With the above search terms it is no wonder that the Syrians are trying to get out. As Ben Webster [2], said; ‘People are just living day-to-day, so obviously in a conflict situation they are going to be separated, just trying to access health care and things while there is fighting going on around them’. It might be clear the Syrian refugees are in a very complicated situation and Google can tell us a lot about their worries. Refugees’ Google a lot and the two search terms used most are clearly ‘immigration to Germany’ and ‘asylum in Germany’. People are determined to flee and especially to Germany. You might wonder why Germany is such a focus point for the refugees. Well, after Angela Merkel said earlier that Germany would not turn away any Syrian asylum seekers, it must be no surprise that refugees are seeing Germany as there safe haven. Other European countries provide shelter to refugees as well, in total Europe expects 800.000 refugees this year.

Via Google it is possible to see Syrians try to figure out how to get to Europe. The next top search terms are the map of Greece and a map of the sea separating Turkey and Greece. Furthermore Syrians also Google maps of Europe in Arabic and again, maps of Germany.

It looks like they try to determine which route is the best to take. Syrians Google the distance between Edirne and Izmir, Izmir and Istanbul and Turkey and Greece. After that they will be on foot and they search for the distance between Macedonia and Serbia.

Hungary declared a state of emergency and uses force, by using rubber bullets and tear gas, to prevent people entering his borders. This makes refugees interested in their political state as well. Keywords for search for are ‘news of Hungary’ and ‘Hungary Syrian refugees’. Hereby Syrians want to check whether Hungary is a go or no-go.

The whole situation is very complicated. While the war in Syria continues to take a toll on those left behind, the web seems to provide some answers in a time of need and uncertainty.


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[1] Examples of search terms used in the past two weeks

[2] Head of Emergencies at British Red Cross


One response to “The top 10 Google searches for Syrian refugees”

  1. 355921 says :

    Nicely, well written blog post 🙂 It is a very sensitive topic nowadays of course and I think it should definitely be tapped into on a deeper level and discussed more openly.

    On a total Syrian population of 22 million inhabitants at least 7.6 million are displaced internally and more than 4 million became refugees, who fled from their homes, and left everything behind that they ever knew. Just in the hope finding care that they are not able to provide themselves anymore elsewhere.

    I personally believe the biggest problem with the on going events in the Middle East (especially Syria) is the fact that there is no proper care for the displaced inhabitants of the affected regions. There are shortages of water, food, clothes, and medicine. More than 3 million refugees sought asylum in Syria’s direct neighbours; countries like Lebanon, Turkey, Jordan, and Iraq.

    In March 2011 when the outbreak of the civil war in Syria started, neighbour Lebanon was receiving the Syrian refugees with open arms, however this year the border has been closed. On a total population of 4 million, 1.2 million Syrian refugees have been given shelter. The situation there is burdensome.

    The influx of refugees in some parts of the European Union has been untenable for the countries receiving the stream of hundreds of thousands refugees. However I do believe that, when spread evenly, Europe is very much able to allocate the refugees. Closing borders on people in need might seem like a temporary solution, but is is unfortunately not a sustainable one. I found a very interesting video that exactly touches upon the topic that many people doubt about and would like to share it with all or you:

    In addition I would like to mention that many people state that we, as Europe, are just coming out of an immense economic crisis and have to financial means to support such a new influx of refugees. But instead of seeing them as refugees, we could also start seeing them as workers. Several institutions have shown facts and figures that most Syrian people arriving in Europe are well educated, middle class people. Thus instead of a threat Europe should see them as a tremendous opportunity, an enrichment.

    Although I know this sounds very idealistic, I do believe there is a change of mindset needed. If not, there is not gonna be a solution.


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